What will be the one and only styling product to make it into CurlySuzy's beach bag?

What hair products are in your summer swim bag? My summer swim bag is filled with the usual sunscreens, goggles, frisbees, a foam football, little plastic torpedoes the boys like to dive for and my favorite leave-in conditioner. I also have my hat in there as well. The hat is for protecting my face and hair from the sun and also to hide my curls. They do not perform well after swimming. This year I have decided to try and go beyond my usual post swimming hair care routine of using a leave-in conditioner and then putting my hat on. I am going to try using only one styling product and see if I can get acceptable curls.

This single styling product experiment is a big leap for me. I usually use three to four styling products on my hair before I diffuse it or air dry. So, this is a serious approach to minimizing my hair care routine.  What will be the one and only styling product to make it into the beach bag?

After swimming and rinsing my hair with water, the first product  that I tried was Phyto Plage Protective Beach Spray. I was attracted to the name and to the fact that it is glycerin and silicone free. When I sprayed it on my hair it had a very slick smooth feeling. I liked that it was moisturizing my hair, but it didn't offer any of the styling qualities that I look for. There was no clumping or curl activation. I  think it would have been a great choice if I didn't need those two crucial things in a hair styling product. My curls were frizz free but that was about it. I will pass it on to a friend with straight hair or a friend with much curlier hair than mine.

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