So I seem to have become the poster child for the joys of keratin treatments, and how you can use them to keep your curls and make them more manageable.

So when Ron King at Bo Salon in Austin offered me the chance to try La Brasiliana’s new Spruzzi Keratin Treatment, a spray-in treatment that replaces formaldehyde with aloe vera and lavender oil, I said, “Go for it!”

Mind you, I was terrified when I decided to try it out several months ago so I could speak to our curly community from personal experience. But I have learned that with an experienced stylist and good communication, you shouldn’t have any surprises. With so many keratin treatments out there and so many stylists jumping into the fray, please make sure you find someone you feel confident with because it’s still a chemical treatment and they are using a very hot iron.

After the Treatment

After the treatment

I was in good hands with Angela Torres, who loves doing keratin treatments and seeing how they make her client’s lives easier. She assured me that this would not straighten my hair, but would make it softer, shinier and less frizzy.

Also After the Treatment

Also after the treatment

Unlike the other treatments I have gotten in the past, I had to wait two days to wash my hair. So for two days, I had the straightest hair of my life. My husband and daughter didn’t recognize me when I met them at a restaurant.

After Washing Her Hair

The curls were gone…

I enjoyed the novelty of brushing my hair—something I never do. It felt like American Girl hair. It swished! But it wasn’t me. My 10-year-old daughter told me that the hair was pretty, but I look better with curls.

Also After Washing Her Hair

…but wouldn’t stay away!

But come Monday morning, I was ready to wash it and get my curls back. So far, so good. I’d say my hair is a 3a now. It’s usually a 3b. It looks a few inches longer. And it’s super shiny.

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