Michelle does a keratin treatment touchup

Check out the video below to watch the whole experience!

Some of you have been following my experience with my keratin treatment. With tons of questions on CurlTalk, I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. So I took one for the team and got one myself—in this case, the Brazilian Blowout.

Three months later, my curls were shrinking up to their pre-treatment coils. And with sky-high humidity, my hair was looking frizzier than it had in a while.

So I decided to go in for a touch-up treatment. The touch-up is identical to the original treatment - about 90 minutes and I was able to workout and wash it right away. It was also the same amount of money—not inexpensive—which was a little painful.

Unlike the last time, I wasn't petrified. I knew what to expect and wasn't freaked out by the flat-ironed, stick-straight hair.

I am loving the results. My hair is so shiny and bouncy, and I have much better curl formation, even with humidity. I've had several people ask what styling products I'm using.

Like last time, I'm still very much a curly girl. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's just my curls, but better.

Michelle's Brazillian Blowout Blog
They tell me it doesn't have aldehydes. I have heard that all companies, even those with formaldehyde, have cranked down the concentrations because of health concerns.

Michelle - I have hair that is very similar to yours and had the Brazilian Blowout done in early June. I was very impressed with the results and am now thinking to do it again....addiction is feared. However, I continue to read about formaldehyde but I can't get information as to whether this treatment has any. Did you find that out in your investigation?

It was a different type of product, and my hair is curlier. Also, Megan's hair still has nice waves when she lets it air dry, so it didn't really straighten her hair. One thing I recently learned from a stylist is the heat of the iron can have an impact on how straight or curly it is. The lower the heat - the more curl you'll keep.

Michelle-why do you think your results were so different from Megan's? the stylist, the product?

acarrico-did you have your treatment done at James Allen Salon, or somewhere else? I wonder why people get such different results? I see Michelle's results on here and she still has her curl intact, then I see Megan who is a Nat. curly staffer and she has almost no curl left either. What's the deal?

Acarrico, I'm glad it's been a good experience for you. I found the grow out to be very gradual, which was nice. Even my mother, who has never wanted me to do anything to my natural curls, commented that my hair looked nice! ; - ) I am using the follow-up . this time to see if it helps it last longer.

Oh the "stick straight" comes from a hot iron, by the way.

After reading your original "I did it" I decided to do it. I am absolutely amazed at the results. Unlike you, however, I have just waves left in my hair when I let it dry naturally - and I am a 3c. I wouldn't mind a little more curl but I am not going to gripe!! I have stick straight hair for the first time EVER and I am loving playing with it. I have read on here of some talking about health effects. Is this anything you have run into? My hair definitely feels healthier (shiny,soft) than ever before. I almost feel panic-y about reverting back to my curl. I hope to be able to afford a "touch up". Are you using the follow up products? I would love to talk to other curlies that have had this treatment and what they use to prolong the treatment!!