Here’s how I keep washday as simple and painless as possible.

4. Conditioner detangling (30 minutes)

I gently smooth my conditioner or deep treatment (try the Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask) down the freshly washed twists, then untangle them to get into the nitty-gritty of detangling. If I need more conditioner, I slather it on. I’m definitely not stingy with my conditioner, because it’s the easiest way for me to detangle my hair. I divide each twist into two separate parts and gently work my way backwards, from ends to the roots with a comb.

After the hair is completely detangled, I cover my head with a shower cap and prep for the next steps while I let the deep conditioner penetrate. During the late fall and winter, I sit under my steamer for an extra moisture boost.

5. Cool Water Rinsing (<5 minutes)

I finish off my wash process by rinsing with cool or cold water, which closes the pores, blocks dirt, and smoothes cuticles. It also seals in all the fabulous moisture from the conditioning treatment. A smoother, flatter cuticle reduces frizz and potential tangles due to friction. 

6. T-Shirt Drying (<5 minutes)

Using an old t-shirt to squeeze (not blot) the excess water from my curls dramatically cuts down my total drying time. Best of all, it keeps my hair smooth and frizz free for styling.

7. Moisturizing and Styling (45 minutes)

I add a leave in (currently loving Camille Rose Naturals Moisture Milk) while styling, as kind of a two-in-one step. I section my hair into five or six parts, apply the leave-in from root to tip, and then twist or braid as desired. My go-to style is two strand twists, which I braid at the root for more stability.

There it is, a wash day regimen that doesn’t actually take all day. What’s your secret to a fast hair care regimen? Share your secrets below.

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