Get information about the various keratin treatment and Brazilian Blowout brands available

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    Magik Beauty:
    Magik Beauty is a light, non-greasy treatment that is easy to apply treatment and does not drip. It's formaldehyde-free formula can be applied to hair roots without harming the scalp or releasing toxic fumes.
  • Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment: It is a treatment for all kinds of hair. This intense treatment leaves hair soft, shiny and frizz free for up to four months. It can be used safely on just about any type of hair—dry, frizzy, over-processed, color treated, ethnic or even unprocessed virgin hair.
  • Natura Keratin: Certified organic Natura Keratin Hair Treatment is the unique salon solution for today's green market demand. Made with a blend of botanical infusions, fruit extracts, keratin protein and silica, providing incredible performance and results.
  • OK Original Keratin: This product was developed and improved in cooperation with a leading university research biochemist. This cooperation resulted in the best, safest formulation available today.
  • QOD: Experience our cutting-edge product line and throw away yesterday's raw formaldehyde formulas. Avoid controversy by using our FDA-compliant, high-tech formulas.
  • RG Cosmetics This exceptional product was developed utilizing the most advanced technology that penetrates deep into the cortex and acts directly within the hair structure. It has all the amino-acids, proteins, and nutrients needed to restore each hair shaft, bringing the hair’s natural shine, manageability, and feel back.
  • Pure NV: Simply Smooth reduces curl by 25-50% on any hair type for up to 16 weeks. Formaldehyde-free. Uses highest grade of keratin possible.
  • Soft-Liss: The Soft-Liss Intelligent Brush is a line of products used for hair straightening through a "texturization" technique, in which the active ingredients of the product act on the hair, promoting the straightening of the strands and leaving them naturally straight. In addition, these products also act on the keratin and protein of the hair, which protect the hair from damage and keep it shiny and healthy.

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I'm particularly fond of Cocoa Keratin System, it's a Brazilian keratin treatment that comes with the pre-treatment shampoo, smoothing treatment and daily shampoo and conditioner. I like it because the treatment lasts up to 5 months and its very safe on my hair, giving it nutrients, moisture and smoothing it down. The protein and argan oil help immensely and strengthen my hair while making ir super shiny. I recommend it :)