Even the curliest of us occasionally likes to test the grass on the other side of the hair texture fence. The transformation from full head of lively hair to a sleeker, straighter look can sometimes take much longer than wanted or expected, though. For some women, the amount time it takes can actually deter them from jumping ship for a day.

So, how can you add another look to your portfolio of endlessly curly stylishness without spending hours upon hours in front of the mirror, gel in hand, straightening iron in the other?

For some, the answer can be found with the latest hairstyling innovation—the MP3 flat iron. This new flat iron does double duty by both getting your tresses bone-straight and offering a bit of built-in entertainment that might make your time in front of the mirror a little less monotonous. While the design is still standard, like most flat irons, the new one comes complete with speakers and the capacity to hold up to 500 songs.

As with any new technological innovation, there are varying stances on the implication. A foray into various beauty blogs, message boards and fashion magazine sites shows that while a few women think it’s a decent idea, some of them view the MP3 flat iron as a marketing gimmick. However, both sides of the lighthearted argument make valid points concerning price, usefulness and purpose.

The MP3 Flat Iron Iron


  • Great for travel
  • Listen to tunes without disturbing anyone else
  • Makes long tasks a little more entertaining
  •  Customizable playlist


  • A little pricey!
  • Might not be useful if you can pump your own tunes
  • Loud music so close to your ears
  •  Another MP3-capable device is a bit redundant

This just may be the type of product for a certain demographic of bone-straight aficionados and not a one-product-fits-all flat iron.Even popular media outlets are conflicted on the merits of this multitasking flat iron. ABC’s highly rated morning show, “The View,” named InGlam’s Onyx Ceramic Digital MP3 Flat Iron one of 2011’s summer beauty essentials. Pop culture and fashion magazine Nylon was openly conflicted, and sent out a call to readers asking whether or not the MP3 flat iron was a good idea or not.

For example, if you’ve got a banging stereo system that you can crank full blast while you alternate straightening your hair and singing into the flat iron, perhaps an MP3 straightening iron is no new invention. However, if you have roommates or parents that don’t want to hear your jams at 8 a.m., the new tool may come in handy.

With so many different devices combining technologies to make things more convenient, it is easy to see how it might be overkill to have a phone capable of playing MP3s, an iPod or another actual MP3 player as well as a MP3 flat iron, but a curly girl can always use options, right?

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