During my normal morning routine, I discovered that living in Austin will leave even my soaking-wet hair with a serious case of the frizzies!  So, it should come as no surprise that I would love an option for this wild mane that I have been sporting.  I stress the word option because I am constantly changing my hair.  I am a perpetual "phase-er", a new term (crafted by me) to define the character trait that leaves me constantly dyeing, cutting, and styling my hair in a new way.  I live in a cycle of phases, therefore:  "phase-er".  I have recently come to terms with this part of my being, because I know it will always be a part of me!

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I am a NaturallyCurly.com staffer, and this morning we were trying to find someone who wanted to test out a keratin treatment to share their experience with our amazing curly community.  Short notice of the treatment (it's happening tomorrow) left me with little choice except to swallow my fears and continue down the keratin road for the good of all of the curious curlies everywhere!  My goal is to loosen my curl and loose this frizz for the summer season.

I will be shooting video today at my consultation with Ron Valdez of Estilio Valdez Salon here in Austin as well as tomorrow during the treatment.  I will make sure to keep everyone updated during this unknown journey, wish me luck!