NC staffer Megan Dorcey describes her Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I was staring at my frizzy, unmanageable, dull hair for the last time.  I was finally getting my Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) done last week at Estilio Valdez Salon in Austin and I was excited, nervous, terrified.

brazilian keratin

Megan, after her Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Let me start by saying that I love curly hair.  I work here at, and believe in everything we stand for, which is embracing and loving your curls.  More importantly, loving your hair is a huge step for a woman.  We are always changing our style, cut, and color in hopes that the next step we take will lead us to bliss.  I have never felt blissful about my hair.  I struggled with it daily, even with the plethora of amazing products that I have access to here at  I learned how to manage my 3c curls, finally had some amazing haircuts, but I was still disappointed in my hair.

So there I was, about to get the BKT done and I was beginning to embrace the fact that this may be the end of my struggle with my hair.  I was told that the treatment would strengthen my hair, loosen my curl, and eliminate most of my frizz.  This was a no-brainer for me—I was ready.

The treatment itself was only about 2 hours long and it flew by due to the wonderful stylist Ron Valdez keeping me company.  My hair was washed twice and then the treatment was applied to my hair after it had been dried.  He then flat-ironed my hair and gave me my weekend rules.  Since the treatment was applied on a Friday, I was going to have to wait until Tuesday to wash my hair.  I also couldn't tuck it behind my ears or pull it back.  This was going to be rough.

brazilian keratin

Megan's shiny smoothness after her Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

The weekend went well enough—I learned to be careful with my hair, and it actually wasn't too bad.  I went back on Tuesday morning and he washed my hair and trimmed the ends since my previous haircut was for curly hair.  He blew out my hair in a matter of minutes—something that has never happened.  Needless to say, I am thrilled with my hair.  The frizz is almost completely gone and it feels amazing.  I can't wait to style it curly and see what it looks like!

Megan's Mane Adventure/Megan Dorcey
Hi Megan, My hair type is fine/med and a few coarse. 2c/3a and b underneath. Very porous (normally) I'll have to dig up some before and afters. I'm a little over two months into my treatment. My hair still feels a little relaxed and less frizzy. However, I notice porosity and dryness (puff). I haven't been using their products. I didn't like the feel of their conditioner and the shampoo contains a sulfate. I've been using Deva No Poo, GVP conditioning balm, Curl Junkie Leave in and CJ curls in a bottle. How is your treatment holding up?

That's so great meadowlark!! What hair type do you have? If you have some before and afters, please send them to! We want to see the transformation!

I'm extremely happy so far with my Simply Smooth treatment. My hair is frizz free and slightly relaxed. It feels so good not to have that fuzzy hair feeling I normally have in the summer humidity. Normally I would have to wet and reset everyday in humid weather. I went for 4 days without washing or wetting and still had no frizz. Yesterday after lake swimming, I washed and went to bed with it still slightly damp. I woke up to soft hair that wasn't crazy - miraculous!

Hi guys! I can't wait to hear what your end result is meadowlark! As far as the breakage and hair falling out, sounds like the stylist didn't know what they were doing. Your hair will actually grow more because the cuticle is sealed and won't break off on the ends like before. so far, my hair has been super healthy and has already started growing more! Can't wait to do another update next week--so far it is looking pretty much the same as when I first had it done.

Megan, I have hair exactly like yours...I was really excited about trying the keratin treatment, but I have heard of instances where people have had breakage and even hair falling out. Have you heard of this? I don't necessarily want straight hair, I only want the frizz to be gone! I would love more manageable curls. My cupboard is full of products promising no more frizz and so far no luck. Thanks, Ronda

Thanks so much for these accounts of your keratin treatment. Your hair (and you) look fabulous. You also look so happy, which I totally get. After seeing Michele's blog and reading about your very positive experience, I decided to go ahead with my own keratin treatment;(I did plenty of research first)and had the Simply Smooth treatment done today. My hair feels pretty soft and very shiny right now. I can't wait to see the results in 4 days.

Very interesting -- having fun watching your journey.

Also: The stylist Ron Valdez is the only Austin educator for Marcia Teixeira, and was a wealth of information! Make sure you trust the stylist who transforms your hair!

I understand this, I was curious about what it would look like after! So there are three different ways to do this particular Marcia Teixeira BKT. There is the one where you wash it out immediately (more like Michelle's result), then there is mine where you wear it straight for four days,and there is something they call the "chocolate formula" which is for extremely course curls that want to stay curly or for someone like me if I wanted to go straight. My hair is now a loose wave and I can wear little product! I will do another video for you all to see what it looks like in this form!

Your hair is very pretty. I was considering this treatment, but, do not want my hair to be straight. I am 3 C/B looking for a SLIGHTLY looser curl and less frizz. Michelle seemed to still have her curls after her treatment. Is the treatment she got different from yours? Would you recommend the treatment you did for someone that wanted to keep much of their curl? Thanks for trying this out for the rest of us!