My Brock Beauty Makeover: Infinite Lash

2012-09-26 15:07:37

My Brock Beauty Makeover: Infinite Lash

Infinite Lash claims to enhance the beauty of your lashes, and for Priscilla, it did that and more.

My Before and After

My lashes have always been pretty long, but they were never very full. After using Infinite Lash for several weeks, I suddenly noticed that my lower lashes especially looked longer and more prominent. Then, I began to notice my upper lashes curling up over my my lids in a most dramatic fashion. At last, I could see that I had more lashes so that they looked fuller as well!

The photos almost don't do it justice, but I hope you can see the increase in length and number of lashes.

How Do I Apply It?

Here are the exact instructions: Apply along the lash line twice per day for the first six weeks, then apply nightly thereafter. I made sure to follow the instructions to get the best results. Her are some of my suggestions for applying Infinite Lash:

  • Apply it along the very edge of your eyelid where your lid meets the top of your eyelashes. Do not try to apply it on the bottom of your eyelashes close to your eyes. This will decrease your chances of getting it in your eye, which stings a bit, but didn't cause me any long term irritation. Be extra careful and use a Q-tip or your finger to remove any excess if you apply it to your lower lashes.
  • If you have excess serum, that could get in your eyes, spread it down the length of your lashes with your fingers. I found that this was like giving my lashes a deep conditioning treatment after wearing mascara all day, everyday.
  • Give it some time to dry if you are applying it under eye makeup. I noticed that it was difficult to get my eyeliner to stick after applying if I didn't let it dry and wipe off any excess.
  • Remove your eye makeup completely before applying it at night. I have used coconut oil and it works well to remove even waterproof makeup. The Infinite Lash website even recommends applying a natural oil at night for stronger flexible lashes.
  • Keep applying Infinite Lash at night to maintain your results.

If you're curious about Infinite Lash, give it a try. It claims to enhance the beauty of your lashes and for me, I can say it did just that and more!

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Priscilla Sodeke

Priscilla Sodeke