For most curlies, a leave-in conditioner is one of the most important products in our regimen because it is applied it onto the hair after washing to seal in the moisture from a rinse-out conditioner and water.

In order for my curls to be highly defined and less frizzy, I need to apply a leave-in conditioner and a moisturizing cream to my hair. One of the most important steps is to find out what type of leave-in conditioners will work for you. Before diving into my favourite leave-in conditioners, I would like to highlight some important things about my hair type.

Here are the leave-ins that work for my hair type. 

1. Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk by Lotta Body

This prevents my curls from tangling looking dry. This leave-in conditioner is great for low and medium porosity hair, since it's not likely to stick on your cuticles. Besides, the product will penetrate easily through the layers of my hair.

2. Eden BodyWorks Coconut & Shea Leave-in

I love this leave-in conditioner--not only because of its fragrance, but also its moisturizing and fatty acid rich ingredient, coconut oil. My curls remain moisturized for approximately three days; in order to increase this duration, I also apply a moisturizing cream afterward.

3. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk

To me, this brand has successfully created product lines for different hair porosity. This product is perfect for my low porosity curls. My hair gets easily moisturized and remains moisturized. The fragrance is strong, which results in people complimenting my hair and loving the scent that is always lingering.

4. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave-in Conditioner

At first I did not really believe that this product would actually meet its marketing claims. After three weeks however, I noticed how strong and long my nails became (since my nails are always in contact with the product while applying it). My hair grew longer, too.

Do you prefer a leave-in conditioner or a moisturizer or both? Let us know on our @NaturallyCurly Instagram!