Innersense takes organics seriously.

When Innersense Organic Beauty was developing a product for curly hair, the company turned to nature.

"We looked at ingredients that would provide performance and value and be functional without having to use other ingredients such as resins, silicone and plastics to produce the results we wanted," said Greg Starkman, founder of the company.

Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control uses ingredients such as shea butter, orange flower oil, wheatgrass and sunflower seed oil – nearly all of them from a Certified Organic source.

The California company considers organic beauty and wellness much more than marketing spin — something Starkman knows plenty about having been in the beauty industry for more than three decades.

"There are a plethora of companies that claim to be organic," Starkman says. "When we say organic, we mean organic."

Innersense was started two and a half years ago on the principles of organic beauty and wellness.

The name Innersense came from a wise psychologist who was counseling the company's founders. As parents of a special needs child, they were worried that they wouldn’t always know what to do. So she told them, “trust your inner sense.” And they did.

Innersense is based on organic lifestyle choices that encourage health, vitality and balance. The company's focus has been to provide consumers with gentle, yet effective products for their hair and body while sharing organic philosophies and practices to live healthier lives.

The company currently has 12 products for the body and hair, with plans to introduce three new hair styling products this spring: a hair spray, a volumizing lotion and a styling gel. Like all of its products, these products will meet the needs of organic-savvy consumers.

Starkman says Innersense doesn't use any synthetic ingredients, instead bumping up the level of natural and organic ingredients — something that is much more costly for the company.

"Consumers aren't buying the product because of the package," Starkman says. "They're buying it because they're confident in the quality of the product they buy."

While helping people look good naturally is important to Innersense, environmental sustainability is one of the company's core beliefs.

Innersense is a Certified Green Business. Green Businesses are certified for complying with environmental regulations and taking extra steps to conserve energy and water, reduce waste and prevent pollution.

"We're committed to making environmentally sound choices in our products, packaging and working environment," Starkman says. "That's something dear to our hearts because we recognize the environmental impact of personal-care products. It's even more important today since there's more evidence then ever."

Innersense formulas are free of chemicals, including:

Artificial color and fragrance

Sulfates such as sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate), and sulfate derivatives such

as sodium lauryl sulfinates

Petroleum compounds (resins, silicones or plasticizers)

DEA, MEA, TEA, or MIPA compounds

Lanolin or parafin waxes


Quaternary ammonium compounds

PEG compounds


Propylene glycol

Hydrolyzed animal protein

Phalates (tha-lates)

Imidazolidinyl and diazolidinyl ureas

Methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone