Improving on their already existing shampoo, conditioner, and gel formula, Ouidad just launched their new Advanced Climate Control line! Bonus: they added an anti-frizz spray too.

If you remember my blog post from January when I was at the Ouidad NYC Flagship Salon for my cut, I mentioned I got a sneak peek of upcoming products. Well, these are the new releases!

What the Ouidad brand says about the line:

“Buoyant, brilliant, best: No matter the climate, Advanced Climate Control keeps curls defined and frizz free. Our advanced Anti-Frizz Nano Technology locks in moisture and locks in moisture and locks out humidity, for stronger, softer, silkier curls. Thanks to its small molecular size, Sericin Nano Protein Technology creates a better sealing effect versus traditional proteins. Every strand gets powerful protection, locking in moisture and locking out humidity. It’s the ultimate defense for everyday, long-lasting silky curls.”

I also spoke to my hair stylist from the Ouidad NYC Flagship Salon, Stylist & Lead Educator, Jason Hallman, about the new line. He confirmed that the new Advanced Climate Control formulas will actually be replacing the old ones. Hallman also mentioned that all of the silicones inside these products are water-soluble, as are all of the silicones in Ouidad’s product line are since it is part of the brand’s philosophy.

He confirmed that the new Advanced Climate Control formulas will actually be replacing the old ones.

Jason told me “the formula [of the new products] is the same, it just has nano technology, which is little small silk proteins that bind to the gaps in the hair shaft which give a softer 2nd day look more than that wet crunchy first day look. Also, it’s a system, so if you use the whole system you get maximum frizz protection from humidity.” He told me that curl consumers have been reaching for creams more than gels recently, “so in the industry we wanted to improve the formula to allow clients who don’t search for gel to use a gel that literally feels like it’s silk. We wanted to improve our star product to reach out to consumers who want more of a second day look instead of that hard set gel look.” As you will read in my review below, I completely agree with Jason on how this gel does not feel like a gel at all, in a good way!

Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo

From the brand:

“Frizz defense starts in the shower with our sulfate-free shampoo, which gently cleanses and respects your curls’ natural protective barrier. Create the perfect frizz-free foundation without stripping moisture to enhance curls’ shape and shine.”

My review

This sulfate-free shampoo lathers nicely and even feels a bit moisturizing! It did a nice job cleansing my hair and scalp and prepping it for the conditioner and stylers to follow. The shampoo didn’t strip my hair either, but I definitely knew I needed to follow up with more moisture. This is a nice shampoo.

Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner

From the brand:

“Curls crave moisture. Without proper hydration, they’ll try to take it from the atmosphere, raising the cuticle and causing frizz. Stop frizz before it starts by infusing your curls with our advanced blend of rich emollients. Our cocktail of shea and murumuru butters, plus Ceramides, repairs and moisturizes every curl from root to end.”

My review

I generally prefer using masques or deep conditioners as my hair is so dry, so I double checked with Jason who confirmed that it also works as a leave-in and that is how I used it. This conditioner is thick to the point that it is a tad difficult to get out of the bottle! I actually love that since my genetically thirsty hair loves richer formulas like this. I have used this a couple of times and it makes my hair really easy to detangle, while leaving it silky soft and enhancing my curl pattern.

Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray

From the brand:

“Spritz, prime, protect: Our Detangling Heat Spray with a protective UV filter locks in moisture and defends against everyday damage caused by heat, styling and humidity.”

My review

I am especially excited to see a spray with UV protectors in it. Years ago Ouidad had a product called Sun Shield that I loved using to protect my hair at the beach and in the pool. Sadly, it was discontinued, and I plan on using this in its place this summer! This spray also protects from blow-drying heat, working nicely while air drying my hair, giving me less frizz and nice shine. My favorite way to use it is as a heat protector for the times I diffuse; it is lightweight and feels like nothing in the hair. I also have used this to refresh second day hair and it tamed some frizz and added shine. This is a nice multi-tasking product. The spray also contains grapeseed, sweet almond, macadamia nut, coconut, argan, and safflower oils to nourish and moisturize the hair.

Advance Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel

From the brand:

“Our signature award-winning Heat and Humidity Gel has now been upgraded to include Anti-Frizz Nano Technology for advanced frizz protection and our longest-lasting curl definition ever. This weightless gel has a flexible hold that won’t leave hair crunchy, sticky or weighed down.”

My review

The Tress Effects Gel was always my favorite but this newly formulated Climate Control is giving it a serious run for the money. It has the perfect amount of hold without leaving my hair stiff or crunchy, cuts down on frizz when paired with the spray and seriously increases my curl definition! This gel also has UV protection and fights against unwanted volume. Believe it or not, the gel doesn’t feel like a gel at all. I feel like it actually has more of a serum consistency, which is great. This product feels super light in my hair, I don’t even feel it there!

To sum it up

As a whole, the new Advanced Climate Control system is really good! The most impressive result I noticed after using it was the incredible definition it brought out in my waves. Also, my frizz was minimal, though not completely gone when air dried. Honestly I’ve never see my hair 100% frizz-free–I wasn’t expecting that. My hair was left soft and shiny and also not weighed down at all, but my dreaded pouf was successfully tamed. I enjoyed the system’s moisturizing capabilities; it had just the right amount of moisture without being overdone, and I liked knowing my curls are also protected from the elements. My head also feels lighter, which is a great plus! I got great second-day hair also that needed minimal touching up, especially when I used the system together.

Although lately I have been using more ‘natural’ products, I don’t mind the fact there are water soluble silicones in here, since I clarify at least once a month anyway. I’ve used these products on and off for a couple months, together and also mixed with some other products, and they performed well. Consistent use of the system as a whole is really supposed to cut down frizz more and more, so hopefully in the future I will test them out solo.

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