Woman shampooing scalp

Dear Ouidad:

“Every winter I go through the same thing: excessive oiliness at my roots and an extremely dry, flaky scalp. You’d think both problems couldn’t happen on the same head! I’m struggling to find a routine that will address both issues, as a solution for one seems to exacerbate the other. What kinds of products will help me and how should I apply them?”


The cold and dry air during the winter can be harsh on our curly hair. We see a lot of clients at our Salon who are experiencing scalp irritation and build-up, which leads to hair follicles being blocked and hair roots being dehydrated. In my home country of Lebanon we use a rare Bay Leaf Oil for its restorative qualities, so I developed and imported the Salon Series Mediterranean Bay Leaf Treatment to help our clients improve their scalp health.

The scalp treatment helps soothe the itchiness or irritation you’re experiencing, and its light-textured cream will exfoliate the scalp to remove flakiness. Our formula of Fennel Seed Extract serves to increase micro-circulation and oxygen flow to the root, which will result in a healthy scalp and as an added benefit, stimulate hair growth.

To clear the scalp and follicles of buildup, flakes and residue I suggest first shampooing with Waterworks Clarifying Shampoo, then apply the scalp treatment on freshly shampooed hair. Using the pads of the fingertips (never use nails”>, massage gently over the entire scalp for 1-3 minutes. Rinse out and follow with an oil-free conditioner to balance the oiliness you’re experiencing, running it throughout your hair for additional moisture. For you, I would suggest treating your hair with this every other day.

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