This year for the first time ever, Pantone announced two shades as Color of the Year. Rose Quartz & Serenity.

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Pantone Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz & Serenity, are calm pastels seen all over runways, home decor items, and in the beauty industry. In addition to their Colors of the Year, the introduction of 10 new Fashion Fall Colors, led by the blue family, represent tranquility, strength, and optimism. They range from earth tones like Potter’s Clay to vibrant colors such as Aurora Red. As the summer approaches, here are 10 ways to incorporate these future trends into your hair routine.

1. Protective Style

Don’t worry if you missed out on the Granny Grey hair that was so popular last year. This year, Sharkskin keeps the trend going. While I would never suggest destroying your curls with the coloring process, perhaps a safer route is incorporating the color with crochet braids. Check out this grey hair protective style by YouTube creator Jessica Pettway. 

2. Curly Haired Clip-In Extensions

Channel your inner fiery goddess with vibrant red hair extensions. Aurora Red is a bold red shade that can be achieved without the damage by using clip-ins. You can either try a two-toned burgundy red ombre weft or color the extensions yourself with a vivid color like Pravana’s ChromaSilk Vivids in Red.

3. Demi Permanent Hair Color

One of Allure’s Best of Beauty winners for 2015 was, a website designed to create a custom hair color by asking a series of questions regarding your natural hair color and texture. For first-time clients, it’s only $10 to get a professional grade hair color custom-blended and delivered to your home. As a test, I signed up to see if they could come up with a color that would most represent Potter’s Clay, a rusty orange hue. After entering all of the details, I came up with the perfect version for my curls.

4. Hair Chalk

How could I not include a deep sea blue to represent the beauty of the ocean? Riverside is a cool but vibrant color that will definitely turn heads. One of the quickest ways to get such a color is by using Splat Temporary Hair Chalk in the shade Midnight Blue.

5. Temporary Coloring

I recommend using this eyeshadow: Pomegranate Punk by Maybelline easily mimic Pantone’s Dusty Cedar, a faint rose-toned shade. Try a balayage effect by applying the shade to fingertips. Then press your thumb and index finger along small sections of curls and glide down. Watch as YouTuber Charmsie shows us exactly how to use it. For a color that will last a little longer than an eyeshadow, and won’t transfer onto your clothes, try a temporary color like Clairol Professional’s Jazzing Collection

6. Glitter Roots

For a subtle party girl look, add glitter to your part. Bodacious is Pantone’s bright and playful purple for 2016, with hints of pink that will add the right amount of pop. Mix your favorite super hold gel with large purple glitter and apply to your part with an eyeliner brush.

7. Glitter Pomade

The Spicy Mustard shade can be created by mixing a variety of gold and mustard yellow glitter with pomade and smoothing it onto a sleek style. Depending on the size of the glitter, it can be a flashy or subtle look that’s fun for hot summer girls’ night’ out.

8. Colored Hair Sprays

A wonderful way to include several of the fall shades is to with colored hair sprays. Spray each section of the braid with a different color and let dry. Then braid the sections to reveal a beautiful rainbow effect. Achieve the essence of Pantone’s Airy Blue, Bodacious and Lush Meadow by trying Kryolan Color Spray shades in Light Blue & Purple and Green.

9. Highlights

To include Pantone’s Warm Taupe, consult with your colorist to decide on the right base shade that complements warm taupe highlights. This will create beautiful multi-dimensional hair color.

10. Wig

With a wig, the hair color possibilities are endless and you can change your look more often. Start on a virgin human hair wig and add your own color. A synthetic curly hair wig will save you the time and money and doesn’t require the long term commitment.

Which one of Pantone’s Fall 2016 Fashion Colors are you dying to try this year?


Rochelle Masella

Rochelle Masella

Rochelle Masella, known to YouTube and social media as DiscoCurls, originally started her channel after noticing a lack of content for fine, naturally curly hair. The goal of her channel is to create a welcoming environment for ALL to get tips, tricks, tutorials, reviews and have discussions on all aspects of beauty & lifestyle.

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