Summer is winding down for many of us. Bikinis and sandals move aside for boots and scarves. My fall fashion choices are ready but my curls are not. They have definitely felt the heat, salt and chlorine from the summer months. My hair is a little weary and ready for a quick curl vacation full of R & Rs before autumn gets here.


Detangle and condition with gentle care.

Q: My hair is tangling more easily now and my curls are losing definition and shine, help!

A: Sun, salt and chlorine can all be drying. The clarifying shampoos to remove chlorine and product build up can also dry your curls out as well. Add all these things together and you have dry, hard to manage curls. Begin the recovery by carefully detangling in the shower with a wide-toothed comb and lots of conditioner.

Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Curl Conditioner

Pumpkin Seed Conditioner


Deep Condition your hair once a week for 30 minutes to add lost moisture to your curls.

Q: Is it best to use a protein-rich deep conditioner?

A: Proteins can temporarily repair the hair and/or protect it. Occasionally proteins will build up on some people’s hair, especially on healthier hair. In this case, use a protein-free conditioner. Examples of proteins include silk, soy, wheat, keratin or individual amino acids (components of proteins”>.

Protein-free deep conditioners

Protein-rich deep conditioners


Give your scalp and hair the lost oils and moisture it is craving after the summer months.

Q: What oils are good for my hair and scalp?

A: Botanical or plant based oils are the most restorative.

Avocado Oil

Contains vitamins A, D, E and potassium.

Coconut Oil

keeps moisture in hair

Jojoba Oil

Contains vitamin E and antioxidants


Make an appointment for a new cut and color for the autumn season.

Q: I plan on a new versatile curly haircut this Fall. I also want a cooler tone for my new hair color. Do you know of any salons that specialize in curly hair? Also, what can I do to help the new color last longer?

A: Check out Salon Reviews for your local curly hair specialist. To help your new color last longer use a sulfate-free cleanser. They are milder than regular shampoos and will help preserve your color.

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