What’s better than family, friends, and food during the Thanksgiving holiday? Shopping for hair products! Not only are big box retailers pulling out all the stops to get you to spend money, but companies are offering enticing deals to earn your business too. Now is the time to try the brand you’ve been eyeing!  After all, all a true product junkie really wants on Black Friday is to stock up on great products!

Sale Hunting

To get started, you will have to do a little legwork to find out where the great sales are, but it’s definitely worth it! Fortunately for you, the whole wide world of the internet is at your fingertips. Your best bet for finding brand specific sales will be to search for company coupon codes on the web. This should generate a good number of leads for your hunt, but just make the coupons are current and not expired!

To our product junkie delight, Natural Hair Products offers some of the top promotions, sales and coupons in one spot. In addition to this website, some of your favorite bloggers may also be sharing some of the sales that they’re aware of, so make sure you check them out too. Now that makes searching for sales pretty easy!

Social Media

You know you spend all day floating between Facebook and Twitter anyway, but now you can actually do something productive — like keep up with your favorite brand’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and coupons.

I recently found a company that uses Twitter to post natural hair product sales as they come.  How cool is that? Some of my favorite “tweeties” to follow for the best natural hair promotions are @NaturalHairDeal, @NaturalMeMedia, @NaturalHairEvent and of course @NaturallyCurly!  Make sure you follow your favorite companies on Twitter and “like” your favorite companies, salons and brands on Facebook so that you can stay on top of all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and promotions as they are announced.

Brand Websites

Be sure to check the websites of your favorite brands since many offer highlights new products and upcoming sales if you sign up for their newsletters. BINGO!

If you're a product junkie, this is a prime opportunity for a to discover your favorite products go on sale during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. If you haven’t done so, I highly encourage you to stroll on over to your beloved brands site and sign up ASAP. Many of their special deals are already going out and you don’t want to miss the boat!

Top Black Friday Sales

Here are just a few of the wonderful sales happening over this holiday weekend. Please confirm with these retailers prior to purchasing and keep in mind that these deals may have other restrictions.

  1. b.a.s.k. 20% off on Nov. 25.
  2. Blended Beauty 20% off on Nov. to Nov. 28.
  3. Brown Butter Beauty 25% off on Nov. 25.
  4. Butters-n-Bars 20% off on Nov. 28.
  5. Curl Junkie 20% off on Nov. 25 and 26.
  6. Darcy’s Botanicals 25% off on Nov. 25.
  7. Donna Marie 20% off on Nov. 25 to 28.
  8. HairVeda 30% to 40% off on Nov. 25 to 28.
  9. Marie Dean 25% off on Nov. 25.
  10. Miss Jessie’s via Target BOGO on Nov. 20 to Dec. 17.
  11. Oyin Handmade 20% off on Nov. 25 to 28.
  12. Pura Body Naturals BOGO FREE on Nov. 25 to 27.
  13. Sage Naturalceuticals 25% off online on Nov. 25.
  14. Sevi 25% off on Nov. 25 to 27.
  15. Shescentit 30% off on Nov. 25 to 28.

Want More?

Head over to CurlMart and get to shopping!

Final Thoughts

You can splurge without feeling guilty for being a product junkie with these great deals and discounts on your favorite products this Black Friday. Take advantage of these once-a-year promotions to stock up your stash! Who knows, you may even discover a new staple product or two!