Put the product down. You said last time would be the last time and yet here you are with a shopping cart full of products when you said we were only coming for potato salad and deodorant. What are you doing? Yes, I’m talking to you! Yeah, you with the bathroom filled to the brim with hair products and using your husband’s man cave like an overflow room for an Easter church service! Stop it! Put all of the buy one, get one 16 oz conditioners back. You just bought 25% off liter bottles last week! I am only telling you about yourself because I care.
You are an addict, and until I can visit your home without seeing hair products in the guest bathroom (which is only a half bath) then you can't convince me otherwise.
That’s why your family didn’t let you host Thanksgiving dinner...but that ain’t none of my business. 

I understand that being a product junkie has its pros and cons. One benefit is that you know which products work for your hair in the event that your favorites are not in stock, reformulated, or discontinued. Cons? Yes, there are cons! Look at your bank statements, look at your bathroom, have you even checked the expiration dates? Come on now! You know that is just greed. I know how it feels when your favorite brands launch new collections. You start shaking, you keep checking YouTube for reviews while at work (guilty), you keep driving to the nearest Ulta and Target to see when they will have it in stock. You keep emailing CurlMart to see if you can pre-order (yes, we get those emails). Do not call me when your hair starts breaking because you just had to pre-poo, shampoo, co-wash, deep condition, clay masque, protein treat, hot oil smother, tea rinse, seal, shingle, and blow-dry your hair all in one day. You’re doing too much. Enough is enough! You’re even passing this habit onto your children! Why is your three-year-old asking for a henna protein pack for Christmas?! I knew that would happen when you started deep conditioning her at 2 months old. What happened to Legos and sidewalk chalk?

Have you considered... rehab? As the experts at Product Junky Rehab put it, "it often starts very small, a hairstylist could recommend a deep conditioner to you in passing, a friend could recommend that you try her anti-frizz cream, but before you know it, you're into masks, gels, the heavy stuff."

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Now tell us in the comments, and we all know the first step is denial so be real, are you a Product Junkie?

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