When I initially browsed the internet for hair puddings and crèmes I ignored this Creme of Nature Pudding Perfection Curling Cream because there are so many new curly hair products on the market—many of which contain mineral oil and other questionable ingredients, and I was certain that this was probably one of them. I kept seeing this product and decided to take a closer look, then I discovered the label that said it contained no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, and petrolatum—the deadly four. I also learned that it contained argan oil, glycerin, shea butter, and water as the first ingredient, so I thought It would be worth a try and here’s the review:

The consistency is that of store-bought pudding, does not run or drip and is the right amount of thickness. 


The scent is quite strong. It smells of a strong floral perfume. I do not particularly love the scent but it is bearable. 


This is a curl enhancing crème, which can be used for doing twist outs, updo’s, coiling TWA’s, and wash and go’s.


The slip is good, the crème is on the thicker side, but it easily smoothes into the strands and defines your curls as it is applied to the hair. 


It retails in the $8 range.


I use this product to do wash and go’s. Therefore my application is as follows: 
  1.  Separate my hair into four sections.
  2. Take approximately 2-inch sections from the back section and smooth it through my detangled hair. 
  3. Define each section with a denman and smooth the product through the sections of clumped curls making sure it is fully distributed and really defined. 
  4. Let it air-dry. Surprisingly, even though the product is thick, it dries fairly quickly. Diffusing also seems to work really well with the product also, not leaving it frizzy, which is usually my issue with diffusing. 


This product leaves my hair shiny, very defined and makes great second-day hair as well as subsequent hair days. When used with a leave-in conditioner, I find I retain more moisture longer. However, I am able to keep my wash and go for 4-5 days without restyling and minimal re-moisturizing throughout the week regardless. 

I would not mix this product with too many other products, perhaps just a leave-in conditioner. It is very thick on its own so mixing it up with 2-3 other products will probably cause a lot of buildup and possibly flaking.
Final verdict 
I love it! It works really well for me. I am someone that requires a thicker, moisturizing product in order for my hair to stay intact and looking great—this product fits the bill.