We protect our skin with sunscreen, we protect our faces with SPF in our foundations, but did you know that there are products with UV protection that can protect your tresses from the damaging effects of overexposure to the sun's rays? You need to, because the sun is beautiful as well as powerful and it causes damage far beyond faded hair color.

MOR: Use Sun Protection for Hair

The damage your hair can sustain through massive hours from the UV in sunlight can significantly alter your hair cuticles and the porosity. Dry, brittle hair that’s faded and limp can occur from sun damage and it’s so unnecessary because there are ways to fight it. Of course other options include wearing hats, scarves, and staying in the shade, but sometimes you need to let your hair loose. It’s still safe and will allow you to breathe a little easier in regards to protecting your tresses as much as you can.