The holiday season is rapidly approaching and Pureology knows how to take your readers there in style. Pureology PureArtists give the must-have hair trends this upcoming season and how to achieve them with Pureology stylers.

“This year young Hollywood will set the tone for elegant holiday styles,” says PureArtist Christopher Devaney. “We see these young stars take over award shows, displaying glamorous hair styles that fit their personalities yet stay classic,” adds PureArtist April Webster.

Finger Waves

  1. Set hair vertically using a vertical iron or hot roller placement, moving curls away from the face and allow curls to cool.
  2. Break curls apart with fingers using DryShine HairStyler to define and add shine.
  3. Finish with InCharge Flexible Styling Spray.
  4. Add GlossingMist for final touch of shine.


  1. Blow dry hair smooth with PureVolume BlowDryAmplifier and PureVolume ThickeningMist to create thickness and volume.
  2. Pull hair back into a ponytail just below the occipital bone, using Hydrate ShineMax to polish and control static. Secure pony with an elastic.
  3. Mist each section of ponytail with InCharge Flexible Styling Spray. Curl pony with large 1" barrel iron. Let curls cool completely.
  4. Break curls apart using TextureTwist throughout the pony to add dimension and control.
  5. Pin sections of pony with closed fasteners until desired shape is formed.
  6. Finish with InChargePlus Firm Finishing Spray.

Sleek and Chic

  1. Create a ponytail at the top of the head using DryShine HairStyler for an ultra sleek gloss with hold (be careful not to let DryShine HairStyler touch hair ends). Secure with an elastic.
  2. Divide ponytail in half for medium density or into three sections for thick density.
  3. Polish the first section with NanoWorks ShineLuxe until you create a clean, shiny ribbon of hair.
  4. Create a large flat pin curl with ribbon of hair using InChargePlus Firm Finishing Spray to give some moldability; secure ends over base of ponytail.
  5. Repeat step 3 with remaining section or sections, creating a looping effect at the back of the head.
  6. Finish look with GlossingMist.