Q: I have 3b/c hair, probably more 3c. It's very messy and not nice. It’s quite long but the curls are still very tight, which makes the length look shorter. I used to have Yuko on my hair but its too straight. I look ugly and can't manage curly hair, I also don't like short hair and was wondering if anyone knew if there was anything I could do to make the curl looser, like a wave or very big curls. I'd be more happy. Any advice would be great.

Ouidad: Japanese straightening can cause significant damage to your hair. If you are near a Ouidad salon in New York or Los Angeles, I would recommend coming in for the Deep Treatment service to help get your hair back to a healthier condition. If not, I would still recommend using an at home deep conditioning treatment full of amino acids and proteins to help improve your hair’s health. Then you can use a mild relaxer or softening to loosen the roots, but be careful not to touch the past-treated hair because you can incur additional breakage.