Simple and sexy is what Mo Knows Hair gives us with her Finger Coil Curls. If you want big barrel curls but dread using curling irons and faint at the sight of rollers, Mo Knows Hair has a tutorial that is extremely easy to follow.

MoKnowsHair Finger Coil Curls



  • Hooded dryer
  • Butterfly clips
  • Afro pick
  • Shampoo comb
  • Fine tooth comb


Step 1: For best results, shampoo and deep condition prior to styling. This will keep your curls fluffy and not feeling weighed down. 

Step 2: Set your wet hair with the ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructurizer, Creme of Nature Perfect 7 Leave-In, and Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner. Use product sparingly in order to avoid buildup.

Step 3: Section your hair into four quadrants and secure with butterfly clips.

Step 4: Starting from the nape of your neck, release a smaller section and smooth with a small tooth comb. If the ends are dry, add more water and product.

Step 5: Begin to wind the section from roots to ends similar to creating a bantu knot. To assure that the curl sets properly, make sure to wind tightly and neatly.

Step 6: Sit under the hooded dryer until completely dry.

Step 7: Once dry, gently separate your curls with your finger. The more you separate, the bigger the volume.

Step 8: For more height, pick at the roots.  To avoid disturbing the definition, do not follow through to the ends.

Step 9: Scrunch in the Ouidad Mongongo Oil to instill shine.

Step 10: For polished edges, finish the look by applying the Kera Care Edge Tamer to your edges.

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