Oils are a key ingredient in many naturalistas' regimens. We use them to moisturize, seal and heal our strands and our scalps, and there are many in our community who even use them to create their own cleansers, moisturizers and deep treatments. They have mastered the science of the carrier oil and the essential oil, and found the exact proportions of ingredients like grape seed oil, aloe vera, olive oil, castor oil or jojoba oil that works best for their hair.

If you prefer the more convenient route of buying products rather than making them yourself, but do not want to compromise on ingredients or go too far to find them, you can still give your hair the benefits of all of our favorite oils. Here are 3 products by Pure Oils by Silk Elements that you need to know about. 

Pure Oils by Silk Elements Moisturizing Detangling Shampoo

This is a gentle cleansing, sulfate-free shampoo that nourishes hair with grape seed oil for moisture and nutrients that help to restore dry, brittle hair. Olive oil and aloe vera help to smooth the cuticle and improve manageability for hair that is left feeling softer, moisturized and stronger.

What is it best for?

Gently cleansing while helping to begin the detangling process.

Pure Oils by Silk Elements Leave-In Moisturizer

Passion fruit oil and honey give this lightweight leave-in plenty of slip for easy combing, styling and manageability while coconut oil and shea butter reduce frizz, moisturize and leave hair soft and defined.

What is it best for?

A lightweight daily detangler or moisturizer that can give soft hold to twists and braids.

Pure Oils by Silk Elements Intense Conditioning and Hydration Masque 

Replenish dry hair with this castor oil and shea butter Intense Conditioning and Hydration Masque. Olive oil and aloe vera help smooth and condition the cuticle for hair that feels stronger, more manageable and healthier. 
What is it best for?

Helping damaged or dry hair retain moisture and softness.

Want to boost your moisture?

When you are feeling like creating a custom cocktail, the simplest DIY is adding a few drops of oil your products. Pure Oils by Silk Elements makes 100% pure oils like their Pure Jojoba Oil or their Pure Argan Oil, and you know they're pure because when you look at the ingredients label you will only find one ingredient listed.

You can find all of the Pure Oils by Silk Elements products at your local Sally Beauty.

Tell us, how do you use oils in your regimen?

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