Silicones are common synthetic ingredients that give your hair that silky feeling. They can provide great slip for detangling and combat frizz, but they have the tendency to build up on our hair which would then require clarifying products to remove it. There are types of silicones that are not water soluble and can be found in many hair shampoos, conditioners, and gels. One of the best means of removing silicones is using a sulfate shampoo, which tends to be harsh to our curls and can strip the hair of the natural oils it needs. Silicones can also weigh down your curls. The ingredients are usually words that end in 'cone, 'col, or 'xane like:

  • dimethicone, amodimethocone, cyclomethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, trimethicone, dimethiconol

If your hair is feeling dry and out of shape, it might be time to do a silicone detox and cut cones out of your life. Try this out for one month and see how your hair reacts to your new regimen. We've rounded up a list of silicone-free products that will still give your tresses all the slip, shine, and nourishment you want while you detox.

Silicone Free products