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Mindy Lindner

When Mindy Lindner decided to turn her passion for hair and skin care into a business, she wanted to make her products impossible to resist.

"I really wanted to make products so visually appealing that you couldn't help but reach out and pick them up," says Lindner, who also works as a hair stylist specializing in curls.

The result is Skin Delicious Body So Fine, a line of products made from pure and wholesome ingredients, nourishing oils and premium extracts, without cheap fillers or additives. The skin-care products have names like Mango Mama!, Coconut Queen Sugar Rub and Pomegranate Crush. Moms-to-be have been big fans of the Bellylicious Sexy Belly Balm, which reduces stretch marks. Haircare offerings include Aloe Vera Wash Natural Hair Cleanser, Creamy Coconut Moisture Delight daily hair rescue and Moisture Mist leave-in conditioner.

Skin Delicious Body So Fine

Skin Delicious Body So Fine products

In addition to its emphasis on fine ingredients, Lindner says her company has a cultural focus. Skin Delicious Body So Fine is a supporter of fair trade.

"We celebrate ecological and cultural diversity," Lindner says.

Summer Hair Tips from Mindy

  1. Use products that contain SPF protection or high levels of shea butter, a natural sun shield.
  2. Oil and wet your hair before swimming. Wet hair absorbs less salt or chlorine.
  3. After swimming, use a clarifying shampoo. Chlorine can dry out hair if not washed out.
  4. Leave conditioner in longer than usual. If possible, sleep with it in overnight.
  5. Avoid washing your hair too often. Your can rinse away product with a double conditioning rinse in place of shampoo.
  6. Limit your use of hot tools. Air dry, when possible.
  7. Deep condition your hair on a weekly basis. Purchase a hooded dryer at a beauty supply store and some plastic shower caps, and spend 15 minutes a week under the dryer. Rotate between hot-oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments.

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