Dear CurlySuzy: I currently have very little relaxer left in my hair. I have 3C hair (my father's hair was fine and extremely curly only in the back).

What exact products of the ones listed under 3C would you suggest I start with since I'm just starting out going natural?

Dear Crystal: I'll list some articles that you might like to read about products and other women who are making the transition. I've also included some products that would be good for your new curls. Very moisturizing, gentle cleansers are really important. Your curls are fragile and might tend to get dry pretty easily. Lots of conditioning is good too. A lot of people co-wash (wash hair with conditioners instead of a cleanser all the time) as well. The stylers listed are moisturizing and have a bit of a hold.

I hope this helps and please email me if you have more questions.

Making the Transition

Great cleanser and conditioner:

Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Gentle Cleansing-Shampoo

Curl Junkie Curl Theory Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Creme is a great curl cream with a little hold; it's very concentrated.

Super deep conditioners — good idea to do at least once a month for 30 minutes.

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment

Curl Junkie Hibiscus Banana Deep Fix Moisturizing Conditioner

Love this new line. Super moisturizing. The cleanser, spa conditioner and the stylers might be somethings that you would like.

The Curlarita Cocktail is great splurge and works well for 3C curls

It's fun to read about the creator of the Curlarita Cocktail! (Please note she is the second woman on the article, so scroll down.)

Oyin Handmade —all of her products are fantastic

Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles is a great styler, very concentrated — a little goes a long way

Blended Beauty Kick for Curls Aloe Juice Spritz is a very popular curl refresher with lots of moisture. It's good for midday or first thing in the morning.