When clients come into Elie Elie’s two D.C.-area salons during the summer months, frizz is their No. 1 complaint. But with a few simple steps, it need not be, says Elie Gerdak, an expert with curls.

  1. Cut is key: Make sure you go to a stylist who understands your texture, and can help you find a style that fits with your curl type, face shape and lifestyle, says Gerdak. While you may think short hair would be easier in the summer, if could make life more difficult for you if your hair is super coarse and kinky. If you opt for layers, make sure you’re getting the right kind of layers for your hair type.
  2. Pamper your locks: Summertime activities—sunbathing and swimming—can be especially tough on curls and kinks, which tend to be dryer anyway. If you spend a lot of time outside, make sure to use a deep conditioner, such as Curl Definesse Revitalizing Treatment Masque, No. 5, at least once a week. If you spend a lot of time in the pool or on the beach, leave it in for several hours, says Gerdak.
  3. Protect your locks: While hair can’t technically get sunburned, it does get damaged by the elements. To help protect it from damaging UV rays, spritz on a leave-in conditioner, such as Curl Definesse Leave-In Conditioning Spray, No. 4.
  4. Cut Down on Poo-ing: “Don’t wash it everyday,” Gerdak says. “Wash it twice a week, at the most.” If you exercise a lot, rinse and condition your hair daily to keep it fresh. And when you do wash it, use a moisturizing shampoo, such as Curl Definesse Moisture Shampoo, No. 16.
  5. Apply section by section: On humid days, use a stronger-hold styling gel designed for your curls, like Curl Definesse Élixir Bouclé for medium to thick hair, No. 9. Then apply a dime- to quarter-size to individual sections (these become the curls”>, from the roots to the ends. Too many times, people miss sections of their hair when they apply their styling product, resulting in frizz, Gerdak says. To keep the ends looking frizz-free and polished, apply a pomade to the ends, such as Curl Definesse Polishing Gelée, No. 7.
  6. Shy away from strong chemicals: Summer is not the time to bleach your hair blond or to do dramatic highlights. Strong chemicals don’t mix well with sun, salt and chlorine. The result can be frizzy, dry curls, says Gerdak. “Treat your curls with care during the summer,” he says.

Curly Suzy


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