It's no secret, I'm a Product Junkie. I love the thrill of the chase--discovering new products and brands, re-imagining old favorites, and everything in between.

When the opportunity to try out Mielle Organics came knocking, I couldn't say no! Founded by waist length textured hair beauty Monique Rodriguez, and vouched for by curlies with gorgeous manes (like @TarenGuy and @MuchMoreThanBeauty), Mielle Organics is a budding small business brand aimed at helping ladies of all textures and hair types grow long, healthy hair. With a focus on simple ingredients and getting back to the basics of haircare, Mielle Organics aims to nourish, strengthen, and protect hair at each stage of growth.

The Mielle Organics line consists of the Honey Dew Berry Detangling Co-Wash, Almond Mint Oil, and Healthy Hair Formula vitamins. I had the opportunity to try both the Co-Wash and Almond Mint Oil. How did these products stack up against some of my favorite cowashes and oils? Find out below!

Honey Dew Berry Detangling Co-Wash


All natural. For all hair types. Strengthen, lengthen, moisturize. Co-wash gently removes buildup without drying the hair, retaining moisture. Used best with Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil.

Ingredient List (* = certified organic)

distilled water (aqua), cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, stearalkonium chloride, *extra virgin coconut oil, pure shea butter, *jojoba oil, natural vitamin E (mixed tocopherals)oil, polyaminopropyl biguanide, silk amino acids, Abyssinian oil, marula seed oil, potassium sorbate, natural(phthalate-free) fragrance, citric acid.

Top Ingredients 411

  • cetyl & cetearyl alcohol: considered "fatty alcohols" -- NOT to be confused with drying alcohols such as ethyl. Both cetearyl and cetyl alcohol are lubricants, thickeners, and emollients. They give conditioner its velvety feel without making hair greasy. Also used to keep product ingredients from separating.
  • stearalkonium chloride: positively-charged salt derived from plant fatty acids that attracts and binds proteins in the hair. It improves luster, condition, and provides anti-static and detangling properties.
  • coconut oil: oil high in saturated fats (which is why when cold, it is solid). One of the few known oils to penetrate the hair shaft and truly moisturize hair. Coconut oil helps to moisturize, seal, and prevent breakage.
  • shea butter: emollient fat from the nut of the East or West African shea nut tree used to moisturize and soften hair.


The first thing I did was smell the co-wash. How could you not want to stick your sniffer into anything labeled honey dew berry?! The fragrance is everything I imagined it would be. Sweet and fruity, with a hint of creamy berry. The fragrance is light and formulated just right -- no overbearing chemical smells for ladies with sensitive sniffers or allergies. The consistency is fairly thin and more lotion-like, which I wasn't expecting. Typically co-washes are slightly thicker. But it spread easily in my hands and in my hair! It was incredibly hydrating, and soaked right into my hair. Because of the consistency, I wasn't sure that it would effectively cleanse my hair but it did! After rinsing, my hair was incredibly shiny, soft, de-frizzed, and buildup-free! The co-wash did an amazing job at getting up my gunk without stripping my hair. It had pretty good slip -- not enough to fully get my detangle on, but most certainly enough to keep previously detangled hair nice and knot-free. Sweet!

Mint Almond Oil


The nourishing properties of this all natural scalp & hair oil treatment help prevent breakage by sealing in moisture. Soybean oil conditions and protects. Sweet almond oil conditions and aids in adding elasticity to the hair. Peppermint oil invigorates scalp and helps circulation. Moisturizing elements eliminate dryness and will give your hair a soft, healthy shine. Our Mint Almond oil is a favorite and it is our second step in promoting healthy hair and growth by working on the last two phases of the growth cycle by soothing and re-balancing the scalp by promoting circulation. Paraben free.

Ingredient List: glycine soja (soybean) oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil

Top Ingredients 411

  • soybean oil: carrier oil used to lubricate and nourish the hair, providing softness and shine.
  • sweet almond oil: smoothes hair cuticles, promotes hair growth and thickness, boosts shine.
  • peppermint oil: essential oil that invigorates the scalp and stimulates the folicles. Believed to promote hair growth.


Confession time: peppermint is my favorite essential oils. Not only does it smell amazing, and provide a cooling sensation to the scalp, it is also one of the more affordable essential oils out there. So when I opened the box that the Mint Almond Oil came in, and I smelled the inviting aroma of peppermint, I knew I was in for something awesome. The consistency of the oil itself is a little thinner than pure sweet almond oil, thanks to the blend with soybean oil. The peppermint fragrance is definitely prominent, but not overbearing by any means. The oil features pure, thereapeutic-grade oils and is completely silicone free. The Mint Almond Oil made a great pre-poo oil for my hair and scalp, and even helped me get some dry detangling done. It worked incredibly well as an oil to seal in my wash and go, for scalp massages, and helped me keep my freshly trimmed ends from drying out and splitting. Even better, the oil worked great to help impart shine on my flat ironed curls! Talk about an all-around, multi-use product.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Mielle Organics products. They smelled amazing, worked great, and are full of great ingredients. Both the co-wash and oil are curly girl-friendly, for ladies looking to avoid silicones, sulfates, and other no-no ingredients.

Both the Honey Dew Berry Co-Wash and Mint Almond Oil are $13.99 at!