Mega-Tek Rebuilder

“Mega-Tek” sounds like the newest sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But it’s actually the name of a much-buzzed-about, protein-based, cell-regenerating product that girls with textured hair are raving about.

Like the popular Mane ‘n’ Tail product of years gone by, Mega-Tek cell rebuilder is marketed for the equine market, to improve hoof strength and tail length. “Accelerates hair regrowth on bare spots caused by equipment and blanket rubs, skin conditions or injuries. Makes hair stronger reducing breakage,” the EQyss (Mega-Tek’s maker”> website says.

But curly girls have discovered that the product works great for humans, too. Apparently the product was originally designed for humans, as a hair cell regenerator for hair damaged by perm, chemicals or heat. But for whatever reason, EQyss chose to market it for pets and horses, (We tried to get an interview with the company, but they declined.”>

This product is popular among men and women who are losing hair rapidly. Mega-Tek cell rebuilder strengthens the hair up to 30%, the company claims, prevents breakage and slows down hair loss. Mega-Tek is also a favorite among chemotherapy patients trying to re-grow hair lost during chemotherapy. Not only is Mega-Tek Rebuilder great for hair, but you can also apply a little of Mega-Tek to the cuticle of nails daily to strengthen your nails. According to EQyss’s Crossover Information sheet, “Mega-Tek will make your fingernails up to 30% stronger.”

Mega-Tek contains: deionized water, hydrolyzed keratin protein, stearalkonium chloride, glyceryl stearate, peg 100 stearate, marine protein, peg 40, panthenal, dimethicone copolyol, magnesium citrate, allantoin, amino acids, methylparaben, mucopoly-saccharides, propylparaben, imidazolidinyl urea, fragrance.

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The hydrolyzed keratin protein in Mega-Tek Rebuilder penetrates the layers of hair to allow the product to strengthen, lengthen and thicken from the inside of the hair follicle to the outside. Some NaturallyCurly CurlTalk community members have expressed concerns about the dimethicone copolyol that is used in the product, which is derived from silicone. These shampoo free devotees have gotten around the issues by simply diluting the solution to reduce the ‘cone’ as our users like to call the product. CurlTalker Curlyhairmichuk says, “Yes, it does have dimethicone copolyl but it is water soluble. It smells nice.”

Some users claim the product helps their hair grow faster, but NaturallyCurly’s CurlChemist, Tonya McKay Becker, says, “The proteins and amino acids would increase strength, but there is nothing there that I feel could legitimately claim to increase hair growth.”

EQyss is aware of Mega-Tek’s secondary usage, and even offers directions for use on human hair: “Apply to wet clean hair. Used 3 times a week after shampooing, your hair will be thicker and fuller. Just rub a small amount in your hair and let it stay on from 2 to 5 minutes, then rinse out.”

Because the product contains a lot of protein, protein-sensitive curlies should use Mega-Tek with care. “Mega-Tek has a lot of protein so it is important to ensure that you use a conditioner after your Mega-Tek treatment if your hair is prone to feeling brittle when using a lot of protein,” cautions the site.

Mega-Tek is sold primarily online through various vendors. A small 2 oz jar of Mega-Tek rebuilder is sold for $12.95 on the EQyss website along with shampoo and other products that enhance results from the Mega-Tek Rebuilder. sells the larger size (16 oz”> of Mega-Tek Rebuilder for $29 while other online sites also sell the product for a similar price.

Some curlies might be familiar with competitive product Ovation Cell Therapy, another product that claims to regenerates cells within the hair follicle. Most people, however, have found Ovation Cell Therapy to be more expensive than Mega-Tek.

Our users on’s forums have been discussing this product and results with it since 2006. CurlTalker writes, “I have used it for about 3 weeks straight each day, applying to my scalp. It really aided with the growth of my edges. Keep in mind best results generally come about 3 months in, with consistent use.”

Mariag002 also wrote on the CurlTalk boards: “I’ve been using it since the beginning of July and its definitely made a difference in how fast my hair grows. When I first started the hair in the front was down to the tip of my nose and now its chin length.”

Legally Natural talks about using Mega-Tek with her braids, “I use it mostly when I have extension braids in. It’s easier for me to apply it when it is braided up. I did get amazing growth the last time I used Mega-Tek while in braids so I am looking forward to starting it again.”

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