Photo Courtesy of Ngozi Opara, Founder of Heat Free Hair
We love discussing all forms of hair care and one big component of that is the real problem thousands if not millions of women face when fighting breast cancer (or any form of cancer) is hair loss during chemotherapy and radiation therapy. One more problem to deal with but the very products we love, cherish, and purchase are aware of this and they give back. They donate products to those in need and not just for cancer. Here is just a small list of brands that donate their products to a greater cause.


Curls regularly donates hair products to local universities and women’s shelters.


Curlformers works with a children’s charity called the Little Princess Trust. They provide real hair wigs for girls and boys who have lost their hair through cancer treatment.


Jessicurl regularly donates products to various fundraisers, shelters, and natural hair events.

Here are just a handful of the causes that Jessicurl has donated products to in the past year:

  • Arcata High’s Safe and Sober Fundraising Auction (Arcata, CA)
  • Special Olympics Fundraiser (Eureka, CA)
  • Keep a Child Alive Benefit Auction – Hosted by Oly Curl in Olympia, WA
  • St. Joseph Hospital Dinner and Auction in support of St. Joseph’s Cancer Care Program (Eureka, CA)
  • Mother’s Refuge (shelter/safe haven for mothers and children)

Mixed Chicks 

Mixed Chicks donates hair products to local shelters, schools, and even jails.

It is not just hair brands that take the giving back to the community. Here are Hair extension companies that also give back.

Heat Free Hair Movement

Heat Free Hair Movement donates wigs annually during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People can nominate their loved ones who experience hair loss from chemotherapy and breast cancer treatment and then several winners are selected to receive a wig unit.

King Me hair

In observance of National Breast Cancer Month, King Me Hair donates wigs to women who have lost their hair when treating themselves from Breast Cancer.


Fingercomber has donated units and wefted hair to ladies suffering with all forms of hair loss.

This is only a few that give back in silent ways to those in need during some of the worst events and tragedies in their personal lives. It takes love, appreciate for life, and gratitude for the purchases of their products that allows them to return the favor, kindness, and love. As we remember those we love and may have lost or fighting the battle of Breast Cancer, know that the very products you use are also helping those in need.