Chimere Faulk, also known as The Natural Hair Lady, is a stylist and loctician in Atlanta who created the all-natural line Dr. Locs.  She shares how she discovered her passion for hair and more information about her product line. 

How did you discover your passion for hair?

My passion for hair started in 9th grade once I tried doing my own braids after falling in love with Brandy’s braids. At that time, my parents were not able to afford to get my hair done. With me being the creative, sweet daughter, I decided to save them some money, not knowing I would make a living later on in life. I did not realize I had talent until friends asked about getting their hair braided as well.

What made you decide to create your product line?

My line is designed for people with locs. After hearing from my loc’d clients for well over eight years that they wanted a product that would not leave a buildup in their locs, I knew I had to fix this problem. I would send clients to try this product and that product. I would pick a product up by a popular line promising that it would not leave a buildup and it would fail. Buildup was created. It was as if these lines were not educated about the loc’d or deadlock community. Also, I remember that I went through the same issues for eight years, well before the natural hair boom, to find a product for locs.

What made you decide on the name “Dr. Locs” for your product line?

My background is in creative advertising, so I knew it had to be clever. I often get the nickname “Hair Doctor” and I wanted the name to be clear as far as what it is for.

What makes your products unique to locs?

The Dr. Locs line is unique in that customers will never have to worry about product buildup developing in their locs. Although there are other lines out there promising the same, I am an actual loctician and Dr. Locs has been tested on my clients for years before introducing it to the world.

understand that scientifically products do not lock your hair

Chimere Faulk

Do you have any tips that you would like to share with the loc community?

Yes, I have so much to share. One major tip is to relax and understand you must have patience when starting the locking journey. Although I have a product line, understand that scientifically products do not lock your hair. Products can give you nourishment to feed your scalp and keep locs soft. But you have to be patient. Your hair will lock. When you add a wax or cream while grooming locs, you are just psychologically telling yourself this substance will make my hair lock. A year later, clients tend to have to wash that stuff out of their hair once the buildup is noticeable. Also by then, the person’s hair has locked. I am accustom to hearing this story and it was my story when I started my locs years ago.

The Dr. Locs product line includes Yasin Shampoo, Yaya Oil, and also Imani Locking Spray. You can purchase her products, Dr. Locs, here.

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