Holy Grail products are products that I can't live without! They are important to me because they play a significant role in my hair care regimen. I’ve been natural since 2009, and I can say that many of my Holy Grail products have been with me since the beginning of my journey. Of course along the way I have added products to my stash that I keep in rotation for wash day. Thinking about my Holy Grail products, I would go through anything to make sure I have them.

How I found my my Holy Grail products

I have been through changes with my hair, but my HG products have remained the same for the last few years. Finding my HG products was a trial and error process. The most important tip to finding your must-haves is learning your hair to determine what will work for you. Getting to know your hair takes time, but it is important in helping you find products for your hair. I have tried lots of products, but everything did not work well for my hair. For me, my HG products must make my hair soft and leave it moisturized. I have low porosity hair, so it is important for me to find lightweight products that won't weigh my hair down, and that will also penetrate my hair strands. For styling products, I stick with products that won’t make my hair crunchy or greasy. You may have to go through a lot of different products, but once you find what works for your hair stick with it!

Here are some reasons why my HG products stand out and how I determined that these products were here to stay in my healthy hair regimen.


The versatility of my Holy Grail products is very important to me. I love how I can use most of them for multiple purposes. For example, I can use one of my favorite stylers CURLS Blueberry Twist-n-Shout cream for a twist out, wash and go, or a rod set.


Pricing is not an issue for me when it comes to my Holy Grail products. If it works for me, then I will continue to repurchase it. Most times I look for sales at my local stores for buy two get one free sale. I stay on the lookout for sales so that I can stack up on some of my favorite Holy Grail products.


I try to stick with products that don’t have any harmful ingredients. I tend to shy away from bad alcohols, sulfates, and petroleum.

With that said. . .

When you find your Holy Grail products, you may find yourself going through lengths to get them. I have driven over 45 minutes to a store to buy my Holy Grail products. I needed to wash my hair one day, and every store near me was out of my particular product. I called around to every store in my area, and I found one 45 minutes away. It was that serious, so I took the ride and made sure to purchase enough that I would have backup products for the next time.

Are your Holy Grail products important to you? Share how far you've gone for them in the comments!