From waxes to pomades to gels, there are many of the same hair products on the market meant to achieve the same style for textured hair. However, there has been a shift geared towards the use of clay. 
photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

If you’re going for a glossy look, think again before using a matte hair clay. Matte hair clay is commonly confused with styling balms, waxes and pomades, matte hair clay because it’s used interchangeably as a styling finisher to lock and hold a style.  Although it has similar consistency to balms and pomades, it doesn’t provide shine but leaves behind a matte finish.

How a matte hair clay is used

  • Take a dime size amount of your chosen hair clay. Know that a little goes a long way.

  • Apply this around the perimeter of your hair and smooth down in the direction your hair naturally falls.

  • Use a rattail comb or a toothbrush to slick down flyaways to complete the desired look.

Matte hair clays work best on dry hair. However, some claim to finish hair more effectively when its is a bit damp. Because matte clays provide intense and stronger hold than most waxes and pomades, it is best to use the product only towards the perimeter of your head and around the hairline where flyaways occur. The end result will give you a sleek, polished finish to styles in which you want to lay the baby hairs down.

The pros of using a matte hair clay

  • It works well for all textured hair, from wavy to coily

  • It isn't sticky

  • It dries matte instead of glossy or shiny

  • It is effective for causal but sleek styles like a high bun or French Braid

  • It is an ideal option for thick, full hair

  • It can be easily washed out

The cons of using a matte hair clay

  • It provides super strong hold

  • It cannot be used to shape hair for a particular style

  • It is not ideal for naturally dull, coarse hair

  • It is too heavy for fine hair

Want to use a matte hair clay? Start here.

Check out these at any drugstore, beauty salon, or local beauty supply store.

CHI Molding Clay, around $10.50

Lock Stock & Barrel Disorder Ultra Matte Clay, aound $15

Lanza Healing Style Sculpt Dry Clay, around $17.25

Sexy Hair Short Sexy Rocked Out Pliable Molding Clay, around $10