Tigi Transforms Curls Rock into Curlesque


2010-10-05 07:48:14

Tigi Transforms Curls Rock into Curlesque

Tigi improves line of products for textured hair

Tigi's Curls Rock collection has long been a favorite among those with waves, curls and kinks.

But Tigi, never been a company to rest on its laurels, is always searching ways to improve its products. The company recently unveiled its Catwalk Curlesque collection, which improves and expands upon the successful Curls Rock line.

"We wanted to revamp the line, improving the products and taking other products that work (with texture) and adding them to the line," says Carlos Cintron, Tigi's creative education development director. "The things people loved about Catwalk Curls Rock are still there, but better."

Carlos Cintron

Designed by Tigi's international creative director Anthony Mascolo and the Tigi International Creative Team, the Curlesque Curl Collection uses advanced marine biology ingredients—a fusion of kelp, algae, cucumber water, seaweed and sea fennel—to help enhance waves, curls and kinks. This unique combination of ingredients is called the Catwalk Aquacomplex.

"With the Curlesque Collection, we are giving hairdressers the tools to create perfectly formed curls on their clients, and at the same time giving them a retail range with great fragrances, amazing packaging and effective formulas," Mascolo says.

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The Curlesque collection is a part of the company's strategy to relaunch its entire Catwalk line into different collections. Last year, Tigi introduced the Your Highness Volume collection. Curlesque is the second new collection to launch. Each new collection is divided into three categories that coincide with TIGI Catwalk’s suggested style building system: Prep It, Work It, and Perfect It.

The Curlesque Prep It products include Defining Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner. The Work It products include Curl Amplifier, Lightweight Mousse and Strong Mousse; and Defining Serum. Tigi recommends that the new Defining Serum, its Perfect It product, be added to all of products to enhance the results.

“This new range of curl products is going to give us a complete arsenal for styling, from the tightest curl to loose natural waves," says Heath Grout, a member of Tigi's international creative team.

Curl Amplifier

The curl category is especially important to Tigi because Curls Rock has been one of its most popular product lines, and more than 60 percent of the population has wavy, curly or kinky hair, Cintron says.

Too often, Cintron believes curly hair is misunderstood.

"You have to understand the type of texture it is—is it wavy, curly or kinky?" he says. "One size does not treat all. Each type must be treated differently. The right products and the right cut make all the difference."

Cintron says the Curl Amplifier is his Holy Grail product when it comes to working with texture, and it has only gotten better with the relaunch with the addition of Tigi's Aquacomplex.

"I can't do without the amplifer," he says. "It's my No. 1 tool for working with curls because it doesn't leave it crispy or crunchy. It joins everything together and seals the cuticle, leaving beautiful, shiny hair. It's the same product, but better."

Cintron provided Curlesque tips for every texture type.


Cintron recommends putting Curlesque LIghtweight (for fine to medium hair) or Strong Mousse (for medium to coarse hair) into your hand and adding in some Curlesque Defining Serum. Apply it wet hair and comb through with a wide-toothed comb. Then diffuse it for extra volume and texture.


Cintron recommends using the Curlesque Leave-in Conditioner. Then, if you want to enhance the curl, he suggests using the Curl Amplifier mixed with a few drops of Defining Serum. Then diffuse it. For a looser curl, he says exclude the Amplifier from the mix.


For kinkier textures, Cintron likes to mix the Leave-in Conditioner, Ampflier and the Defining Serum. That gives the hair shine and hydration to prevent it from looking dry. It also keeps the ringlets looking soft. He suggests letting kinkier hair types dry naturally because the hair can look unruly if overdried.

The timing is ideal for the launch of Curlesque, says Cintron. Super-straight looks have been replaced by voluptuous textured looks, he says.

"People don't want to spend a lot of time on their hair," he says. "They should enjoy their hair. They should work with their texture and have fun with it."

Hot texture trends for the fall include longer, graduated curly bobs, longer shag shapes and long layers, with a "bit of disconnection."

For longer hair, especially curly hair, if it's too uniform, it can look too bushy," he says. "I like to remove weight so it may be longer here and shorter there. It's more appealing to the eye rather than looking round."

No matter what the style or curl type, Curlesque provides the tools to help maximize the potential of waves, curls and kinks.

"Creatively, the new curl collection offers hairdressers endless possibilities to experiment with shape and texture to perfect hair with natural movement," says Marco Iafrate, a member of Tigi's international creative team. "The product range is the answer for hair with curl, from its wash and care to the styling and finishing."



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I hate the new formula. My hair feels ickie. not clean and it is heavy now. The curls are not defined and the smell stinks. it is far too heavy. I am sad you did this. If I can find the old formula, cool otherwise I am changing product. Sorry folks,,, you messed up big.
Another can't even understand the freaking directions for use....I'm throwing this junk in the trash....what a waste.
I am so bummed and disappointed in the new product, I've been TRYING with curlesque....but I completely and totally HATE it! It is an epic fail! Its heavy, weighs the hair down....leaves this awful thick film on and just sucks. I'm disgusted about the amount of money I spent on curlesque....what a complete and total waste! I thought that they just changed the packaging, so I invested in the HUGE containers of this crap. Shame on you, Tigi.
I had to register to thank you all for helping me out with navigating this confusing turn for a product I have sworn by. Nothing else would do for me -- then I saw this total wacky change. So I can still get Curls Rock at regular grocery chains or Wal-Mart or Ricky's -- but knowing that soon that supply will run out. I am now looking at Brocado Curlkarma. Phew but lord knows I have had SO many disappointments in the past. SUN
I am SO disappointed that Tigi have completely changed the formula of Curls Rock and replaced it with Curlesque. I've been a very happy and loyal user of Curls Rock for years and years but Tigi have lost me as a customer. Curlesque is so heavy that it drags my curls down, flattens my hair and it actually causes my hair to frizz. As good_hair_day says above, "goo" is right! The conditioner is so thick that it can be molded in my hand like putty! It has a greasy, slimy residue and I can't even squeeze it out of the silly bottle top with its tiny opening, I have to take the whole lid off and even then it's still too hard to get out of the bottle! Did Tigi even test this product?? Epic Fail. :(
I've been a loyal fan of Tigi curl products for years, years, years and I'm so bummed they've changed the formula again. First it was Curl Jam, then Curls Rock, now Curlesque. Why do they do this to me?!?! I am not a fan of the Curlesque product - at least after my first week of use. My hair doesn't have the same ooomf and it's WAY more prone to fuzz with the new goo. What's a girl to do??
The Ed Wyse web site ( has the MSDS sheets for the TIGI Curlesque product line which have the ingredients listed.