Aloe vera, aka the “wonder plant”, is a short-stemmed shrub with succulent leaves full of beneficial properties that have been treasured throughout our history. It is used in food, cosmetics, food supplements, herbal remedies, and hair products. It is a medicinal plant that can be grown in most climates and is often times found in many homes as a fix for minor burns, sunburn, frostbite, psoriasis, and even cold sores.

Aloe vera is amazing on our curls, coils, and waves. It promotes hair growth and adds strength and luster to your strands while retaining moisture. It also alleviates itchiness and dryness and soothes inflamed and sensitive scalps, reduces dandruff, and is a great conditioning agent. You just cannot go wrong with adding aloe vera juice to your hair care regimen. Many use aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice to create DIY cleansers, conditioners, and styling aids, but if you are not the DIY’er than you may want to gain all the benefits of the “wonder plant” through some highly moisturizing products below.

Top 15 Products with Aloe Vera

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