See some of the most luxurious oils for your hair, body and face.

Molton Brown Kalahari Melon Cleansing Fluid

Remember the African fruit with the exotic-sounding name? This won't be the last time you'll hear it. The fatty-acid filled ingredient works to lift impurities (think the morning's makeup, sidewalk dirt, and dried sweat—gross!). Appleseed oil hydrates, and the vitamin E in safflower oil fights aging, making this a far smarter option than soap and water.


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Real Beauty

thank so much for the tips, it's very useful, my favorite one is argan oil, I use pro naturals moroccan argan oil for my hair and leaves it soft, shiny, frizz less and healthy. :)

So many great suggestions! I needed to find good products for my face, I'm all set with pro naturals moroccan argan oil for my hair and just needed a good oil for my skin.