Last week we held a Twitter party at the salon and over 50 people came to hear Dickey and Kara talk about the new "Blow out" line we have just launched. If you missed out on the party then be sure to check out to read more about the new line.

Here are some of the pictures of the team giving consultations and complimentary blow outs to the tweeters, whilst they were all tweeting away on their iPhones and Blackberrys. I even saw Anne Agoren there from Izzi, banging heavily on her iPad.

Monique and Anne Szustek

Monique with Anne Szustek

Dickey got straight down to tell the tweeters what type of hair was suited to which products. It is most important to be using the right products and especially sulfate-free, which our products are.



As the party evening went on, everyone enjoyed a cocktail or two and munched on the lovely canapes.

Anne Agoren, Anthony Dickey and Izzet Agoren

Anne Agoren with Anthony Dickey and Izzet Agoren

Every Tweeter went home with a swag bag full of the products, and we hope that they all enjoyed them!