Are you causing your frizzy hair? Curl stylists offer 8 quick fixes for taming the mane.

Frizzy hair is the curly girl's arch nemesis and you need to arm yourself with tools for battle. But first, you have to figure out what's causing the fight. Here's a guide to the undercover causes of frizzy hair, and how you can fight back.

Teri Evans
(Ack -- I hit Submit Comment too soon!) Anyway, the Trader Joe's Nourish Spa line is made mostly of organic botanicals, and it's $2.99 (in Maryland, at least) for a 16.5 oz. bottle. The conditioner is wonderfully rich and moisturizing.
Beth and Carly have great points -- dewpoint is a big factor, and I've learned not to touch my hair while it's drying or after it dries. I only touch it to scrunch out crunch, and even then I coat my hands with a conditioning balm! Nicole, if you happen to have fine to medium-texture hair and you're near a Trader Joe's, check out the Nourish Spa line. The shampoo is sulfate-free, the conditioner is silicone-free
I have a problem with the article and how they keep pushing the more expensive shampoos and conditioners. With the way it's going I HAVE TO CUT BACK ON EVERYTHING! Don't these stylists and people know what it's like to be a broke out of college student living on a small wage trying to get by? I'm sorry, but these people need to start posting products that don't cost an arm and a leg and can be great for those on an EXTREMELY TIGHT BUDGET.
Great comments. Just so everyone knows, this article is just about the causes of frizz, rather than how to actually control frizz. Here are links to previous NaturallyCurly articles that offer tips on controlling frizz. I think these could be helpful in answering the questions above! Experts Reveal Tress Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation: Bring on the Rain! Stylists Reveal Strategies for a Frizz-free Spring: Summerizing Your Curls: Protecting your Summertime Locks:
What about using oils and butters to help control frizz? What about controlling damage to the hair? Proper brushing and combing goes a long way to that. So does using proper hair accessories like fat cloth covered bands and scrunchies instead of rubber bands. There is a LOT missing from this article.
The article is helpful but never addresses changes in weather patterns as a contributor to frizzy hair. My hair always looks better when it's cold and dry out. Damp and humid? Forget it. No product in the world is going to keep frizz out on a humid, rainy summer day.
I think Giselle's comment about using a hooded dryer is spot on, but is there a hooded dryer that dries from the TOP? They all seem to dry from a hose in the back! Someone (hello Devachan?) should make a hooded dryer for HOME use -- similar to the kind they have in the salons (or heating lamps). Now THAT would be a huge seller.
what about touching it too much?
Yea, I already section and still... I've decided to use more product in those spots however it already takes a long time to dry. I want to try a protein treatment this weekend, maybe this will help.
My hair is 3a and for a long time I still had areas of frizz after I applied product. I seen a video on how to apply hair products for curly hair and immediately after getting out of the shower I section the hair in five little buns using a bird bill clip to hold them in place. Then I take the back section out and apply Deva Curl gel to my hair and scrunch to bring out the curl. Then I grab each section doing the same thing up to the front. It really helped with those areas I just could saturate with product. Mostly the back. The results were amazing! Also the Deva Curly defuser is awesome. I wish I had known about it sooner.
No matter what I do or use some parts of my hair refuse to clump or curl, just frizz. Multiracial 3c/4a I think.
What? No connection to dewpoint, humectants, or anti-humectants?