stephen durham

Stephen Durham

British import Urban Therapy Twisted Sista soon will be making waves, kinks and curls on textured heads all across America.

The line of products, which will be carried by Walgreens beginning next month, can be used on all hair types and textures, says creator Stephan Durham. "Curly or straight, thick or thin, Twisted Sista's high-performance products can be used on all hair types and textures to create everything from effortless, everyday styles to sophisticated and sleek hairdos."

Durham, who has a degree in social science and economics but fell in love with hair as he finished his college education, founded London salon Urban Therapy in 1996. He soon realized that there was a gap in the hair care marketplace and a need for effective, performance-driven products that worked on women’s major hair concerns across all ethnicities. Surrounded by a multitude of hair care needs, London was the perfect breeding ground for the brand and the Urban Therapy Twisted Sista line was created in 2004 to fulfill the needs of the city’s urban women.

twisted sista

Twisted Sista hair care products

Durham says the products are easily accessible and affordable. "The line has developed a cult-like following," says Durham.

"Harnessing the momentum and building on the obvious need for multi-ethnic hair care in London, I decided to bring Urban Therapy to the United States, where similarly diverse women were in need of a hair care line to address their many needs," says Durham.

The brand was introduced in 2009 to the U.S., starting in New York at Duane Reade and expanding to 400 Target stores and select salons nationwide. This March will be the biggest expansion yet as it will be launching in 8,000 Walgreens, making the line accessible across the country.

Interestingly, Durham is not a hairdresser. "Although I am passionate about hair care, I’m not and have never been a stylist," says the entrepreneur.