We all want healthy curls, coils, and waves, but we have to "know" our hair in order to give it what it really needs. Knowing about your hair width, whether it's coarse, medium or fine, can be the difference between having constant breakage or retaining length. So how do you figure out your hair width? Take a piece of shed hair from your brush or comb and hold it up to the light. If it's very wide and easy to see, your hair is course in width. If it’s so thin that you can hardly see it, you have fine hair width. If your hair appears neither thin nor coarse, you have medium width hair.

Coarse hair has the thickest and strongest strands. It resists damage well so that you can easily maintain hair length. Fine hair is made up of very thin strands that are prone to damage, making it difficult for fine-haired curlies to maintain length. These different textures need to be cared for according to their unique needs so that your curls can reach their full potential!

Products for Coarse or Fine Hair

So where can you find hair care specifically for your coarse or fine curls? The answer is with Use Me, an eco-friendly hair care brand full of vegan and organic ingredients specifically formulated to balance pH and equalize porosity for healthy, shiny, breakage-free hair from root to tip! Both coarse and fine-haired curlies can have frizz free, perfect curls with Use Me Cleanser and Moisturizer for Coarse Hair or Use Me Cleanser and Moisturizer for Fine Hair. From cleansing to moisturizing, Use Me products are tailored to your hair texture. Their Curl Up and Shine Creme weightlessly springs curls to life and keeps frizz under control. Use Me treats your hair with an infusion of essential oils and botanicals, including lavender, jasmine, Spanish moss, and lemongrass.

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