Teasing, mousse and a ton of hair spray—this is how women in the '80s achieved the coveted “big hair” look. According to celebrity hairstylist Philip Pelusi, who is well-known for his signature Volumetric hair cutting technique, women today still crave volume but don’t necessarily want the “big hair” look that is outdated and requires too much gel, spray and teasing.

Here are Philip Pelusi’s tips for achieving volume in 2010—without looking like you are in the wrong decade:

Use a volumizing conditioner and shampoo: Volumizing products (such as the P2 InCrease Volumizze Shampoo and Conditioner) are formulated not to weigh hair down. Be careful to apply conditioner only to ends.

Give your roots a boost: Apply a root lifter before blow drying, from midshaft to root (try Mod di Phy Define Root Lift Volumize Spray)

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Blow dry for “oomph”: Lift sections of hair toward the sky as you blow-dry, directing hot air toward your scalp.

Don’t blow-dry upside-down: To keep volume modernized, do not flip your head over

Back-brush instead of tease: Instead of teasing your tresses with a comb, use a flat-backed brush, which will damage your hair less.

Mist hairspray: Heavy hairspray is more likely to weigh hair down instead of give it volume. Spritz hairspray in to the air and walk through it (try Mod di Phy Fluid Shaping & Finishing Spray)