Wal-Mart, the top company in sales worldwide according to Forbes’ Global 2000 list, is now better catering to the natural and textured hair care communities. Who knew the giants at Wal-Mart cared that much about helping us natural gals?

While some think it’s just a tactic to get more customers, others are thankful for convenient access to some great products for naturally textured hair.

Their New Inventory

Reports from the natural community indicate that in some areas, Wal-Mart now carrying Shea Moisture, Nubian Heritage, Beautiful Textures, Motions and Lustrasilk. As it turns out, this selection isn’t available in all Wal-Marts, but it’s in at least some locations, so we’ll take it!

Who Will Benefit?

It seems that most of Wal-Mart’s products are for our type 4 coilies. Interestingly, we’re hearing reports that these products are right next to the relaxers. While this is no big surprise (it’s not as though Wal-Mart has taken a stance against them, after all”>, it does indicate who they are catering to when it comes to the natural hair care products. Nevertheless, depending on hair porosity and strength, some type 3 curlies and even some type 2 wavies are reporting that they benefit from these products as well.

Are These Products Any Good?

Most of their products are for type 4 coilies. Nevertheless,  some type 3 curlies and type 2 wavies are reporting that they benefit from these products as well.

It’s nice that they carry these products, since this makes obtaining products a bit easier. However, are the products any good? Would you be better off just sticking to your usual products that you order online?

We turned to our CurlTalk community and CurlMart reviewers for the answers to these very important questions!

Shea Moisture

Type 3, protein-sensitive CurlTalk user Valeriia.Sua told us that she used the Shea Butter Leave-In (following a co-wash”>, and her results were amazing! Very defined, moistened curls give her cute face some added pep. You can tell from the photos that her spirals have some great shine as well.

Nubian Heritage

Another CurlTalk user and vlogger makes extremely thorough and helpful videos and video reviews. She recently did one of her video reviews on Nubian Heritage products. As a co-washer, she tells us that a little bit went a long way and that the EVOO & Moringa conditioner gave her a lot of slip and helped detangle her hair (which appears to be a cross between Type 3 and Type 4 from the video”>.

Tea followed up her co-wash with Nubian Hertiage’s Indian Hemp & Tamanu Grow and Strengthen Treatment Masque to deep condition and said that the hair mask gave her defined curls. Bonus: this line’s products smell amazing! They’re also pretty inexpensive and don’t require much of the product to get the job done.

Beautiful Textures

Our Type 3 and Type 4 curlies said this product was “all right” and “decent.” Unfortunately, none of the products our CurlTalk users talked about got any glowing reviews, but if you can catch these products on sale, it might be worth a shot to see if it does anything for your hair.


This seems to be another “iffy” product line for our CurlTalk girls. Some said there’s no way they’d use it again and that the cones in these products are probably their downfall. Others (coils”> reported soft (yet slightly coated”> and defined curls after a braid-out. For around $5 to $6 per product, why not try it and see how it works for you?


It seems that this brand’s conditioners worked best for our coils, though not all coilies found this to be true. However, even a couple of wavies found that if they used the Olive Oil and Mango conditioners as a leave-in, it worked quite well. Overall, another “try it for yourself” product, but if you’re a curly with medium to high porosity hair are you most likely to get good results.

Tasha Swearingen


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