Butter gels are creamy blends that provide moisture as well as a soft hold.

While moisture and soft hold are the primary benefits of butter gels, other common benefits across formulations include adding shine and reducing frizz. Some even nourish dry scalp.

What kind of style can I create with a butter gel?

Depending on your individual hair type and texture, butter gels may provide you with enough definition to be used as a wash and go styler, especially if you prefer hair with more movement and body that super definition. However, it's more likely that you will need to use another styler that provides more definition and hold as butter gels are meant to be used like traditional gels are typically used.

For less defined textures, butter gels are great for installing protective styles, doing braid-outs and twist-outs. For those with looser curl patterns, butter gels are great for wash-and-gos. Some trial and error may be necessary to figure out how a butter gel fits into your particular hair regimen. 

Do I still need to cocktail if I style with a butter gel?

It's unnecessary to use multiple products to achieve a particular look or style.

How do I know if my hair will benefit from using a butter gel?

Butter gels are perhaps more beneficial for kinkier textures that need moisture but that also require a bit of hold, added shine and frizz control.  

The attributes of a butter gel

This styler is typically water or aloe vera based. While aloe vera is not the primary ingredient, it still forms a part of the product composition. Aloe vera is very beneficial to hair of all types. Some of these benefits include:

  • balancing pH levels

  • healing the scalp

  • providing moisture

  • reducing frizz

  • fighting dandruff

  • easier hair detangling

Aloe vera gel provides definition and hold. Kinkier and coilier haired naturals, however, may require more than what it can provide. It really depends on hair type and personal preference. There are a number of butter gels available and you are very likely to find one that suits your budget, regimen and hair type. A few examples of butter gels include:

Do you use a butter gel in your wash-and-go regimen?