Imagine if Christmas morning happened once a month.

That's pretty much what a beauty subscription box feels like for a product junkie.

That is, unless your products don't fit your skin tone, curl pattern, or personal taste. In which case you're left with scores of unusable sample size products that you paid good money for. It might almost be enough to unsubscribe from those monthly withdrawals from your paycheck, except for the prospect of 'but what if I get something really good in the next box?'

We've noticed a few industrious women taking matters into their own hands by creating Pinterest swap boards, trading forums, and makeup blogs for their unwanted beauty items. One such woman, Casey Casterline, took this idea to the next level by creating an online community and platform to facilitate these swaps. The site is called, and while it may not have a cute-as-a-button startup name like Ipsy or Julep, the concept caught our attention.

"Trading, or as likes to call it, “divvying,” is a fun, easy, and interactive way to swap products online... facilitates the swapping of these items through an interactive, negotiating-like platform never before seen on the internet." 

We're intrigued.

Is this the next phase of the beauty subscription box zeitgeist? Will frustrated subscribers put in the additional effort of negotiating and trading their samples or will they choose to save $10 a month and unsubscribe? We have a hunch we haven't heard the last of the beauty subscription box, after all, what if there's something really good in the next box?

If not, you can always "divvy" out your castoffs.