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If you have curly hair then you may have seen the term “wash and go” used around the curly hair community. If you’re not clear on what this means, a wash and go is when you wear your hair in its natural curl pattern, without manipulating the style with tools, braids or stretching. Some women wear their hair in a “wash and go” every day, while some never do. So if you have Type 2 or 3 wavy and curly hair then you can totally rock a wash and go, but if you are anything like me then you’ve probably discovered that some days your curls work with you, and some days they work against you. Here are the tools, products and steps you can use for a mostly consistent wash and go.

You are going to need


  1. Wash/Cleanse. The one I’m using is a great, natural shampoo. It also doesn’t lather much, which I like. 
  2. Rinse.
  3. Apply a moisturizing daily conditioner. The Coconut & Hibiscus helps condition my hair and keep it from getting brittle. I use quite a bit through my entire hair from my scalp to the ends. 
  4. Cup and Scrunch. I flip my hair over, wrap a t-shirt around my curls. T-shirts are great frizz fighters, too.
  5. Moisturize & Style. I use my Smoothing Lotion through the ends of my hair. Once that is complete, I use my styling gel to lock in the style.
  6. Diffuse or air dry. I like the luscious feeling and volume that I get from diffusing. I use low air flow, and high heat settings.

Watch my tutorial

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Nina Sultan

As a monthly content contributor of NaturallyCurly, Nina is a passionate mixed media artist from Illinois. She has a deep love for curly hair and helping to empower curly folks everywhere to embrace their natural hair and beauty. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Art Therapy in New York where she is working towards becoming a licensed, certified, and registered Mixed Media Art Therapist. She guides people through art and the creative process to help restore and improve their mental health.

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