YouTuber Glamfun addresses the backlash surrounding her decision to relax her hair.

glamfun vlogger

Do you think there is a place for hair vloggers who don’t have a variety of styling videos (i.e. the wash and go natural)?

Yes. Luckily, I did find some products that currently make my 4c hair feel good and I will be sharing that information on my channel in upcoming videos. To me it doesn’t have to be about styling anymore. My main goal for my channel and my hair is to show how I’m going to keep my hair healthy. A lot of the hair journey has to do with your mindset and being happy in general. What I want to showcase on my channel is my complete experience with natural hair, which most people wouldn’t want to share but I don’t mind sharing with pictures and video footage.

What I plan on doing is putting a true voice out there about natural hair that a lot of people have never heard before. I think if people can have a 4c natural hair perspective (not just a 3c, 4a, and 4b), they would know more about what it is they are getting into. They would know how things might become for them especially if they have 4c hair, which is very underrepresented.

How sustainable is natural hair vlogging?

Natural hair vlogging is as sustainable as you want it to be. Like anything, I think it is about reinventing yourself, staying true to the way you feel and how your journey is going and sharing the truth.

People follow and subscribe to YouTubers for various reasons (similar hair texture, personality, video quality, diverse content, etc.) but in reference to styling that is mostly about aesthetic. How important is it to follow YouTubers with similar textures that go beyond porosity and density? Do you think it helps for a Type 4 to watch a loose Type 3 twist out video and expect the same results?

It is very important to follow people who have a similar hair type as you for hair care. No, it is not helpful for a girl with 4c to watch a loose type 3c, 4a, or 4b hair video and expect the same results for their hair. The problem is slowly but surely you are going to start believing that your hair can do the same things as theirs when in actuality it can’t. If you like watching someone who is 3c, 4a, 4b because of their personality or you think there hair is pretty it is up to you. In the end, we are all people and it shouldn’t matter what their hair looks like. If you like the person then you should support them by watching. But I would warn people that what the other hair types are doing with their hair more than likely will not work for you.

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