Dear Ouidad: In my teens and early 20s, I had thick, type 3b (I think) hair. I had to have it thinned out occasionally. Since I've had my third child, and in my 30s, I have lost more than half of it. My hair is longer now, finally, than I had always kept it before. I also take better care moisturizing it than I ever did. Why am I losing it, and what can I do? I wash it two times a week, and by that time it is usually matted together, and feels like straw. Of course, tons falls out, also. My mother did the same way; I remember her talking about her thinning hair and bald spots where her hair parted. I do not style my hair much. For the last 15 years I've always let it air dry. Though as a teenager, I always blow dried it, and never lost much hair. Please tell me what I can do—I will try anything.

A: Often hair can change as a result of stress, a health issue or hormones. In most cases it’s just a normal change in the body as we age. If you’re concerned that something else is going on I would recommend speaking with your doctor. In the meantime, you can use my PlayCurl products for added volume and lift.