Sometimes one’s whole way of being can change in a very dramatic moment.  In 2005, Anita Grant made an attempt to straighten her natural hair by using a chemical hair relaxing kit, and instead of enjoying the results of that hair treatment, perhaps by sipping on a warm cup of tea or reading a good book, found herself in the hospital. Anita explains,

“My hands had been blistered by a lotion that contained propylene glycol (propane-1,2-diol”>. This ingredient is used widely as a humectant in hair care products, car anti-freeze, and is generally referred to as safe, just not safe for me. With hands throbbing and scalp tingling my thoughts were clear, ‘No more off the shelf cosmetics, for me, ever!’ I stopped straightening my hair with harsh chemicals, and began my journey from bone-straight relaxed to natural fluffy Afro.”

Anti-freeze on your scalp, yikes! That just can’t be right. Anita Grant’s story is not fiction, her scary hairy-tale is painfully true, and resonates with many of us who have been “burned” countless times, and cross our fingers that the products we select to treat our hair will be effective and safe for our bodies, hair, and environment. With true resilience, her negative experience set Anita into positive action and ignited her quest to take an alternative approach with her hair. She dedicated time to learn, research, and play around with different natural ingredients. With a collaboration of fellow naturalistas, she experimented and developed her formulations, bringing us to all that Anita Grant can offer us today. With an elevated emphasis on the word care, Anita’s natural haircare provides products that will never, and let’s repeat NEVER, blister or burn one’s skin or scalp!  Anita Grant utilizes the power of Mother Nature, providing protective hair care and styling products that utilize a trove of treasure-filled ingredients, such as raw beneficial oils, butters and clays that lovingly restore and embrace your natural texture.

Anita Grant believes that natural hair should always be a joy, whatever your hair type, despite rain, humidity, or tropical wind gusts.

Anita Grant’s “Goodies”

The Anita Grant line is completely natural, with a big emphasis on fresh, and because she doesn’t include those nasty synthetic preservatives in her products, it just has to be that way. Succinctly, Anita shares her knowledge of what natural ingredients can do for our hair, as well as offering some very unique hair care “goodies.” Anita Grant’s hard work and dedication provides us all with a big batch of pure and wholesome hair goodness — always fresh, homemade, individually cut and packaged.

Let’s Play with Clay!

Bentonite clay, montmorillonite and rhassoul, are all mineral packed clays from around the globe, each has unique properties, and they are purely sourced from the Earth. These particular clays have been highly sought after and used throughout the ages for drawing out impurities and detoxification of the skin and hair. While it may sound a bit sketchy to use clay on one’s hair, clay-based hair treatments are amazing for cleansing and exfoliating the scalp, repairing damaged hair, removing build-up, as well as enhancing curl, shine and manageability.

Calling out rhassoul, or red Moroccan clay, this clay is mined from the eastern mountains of Morocco, and when translated into English means “washing.” This “washing clay” can be used gently and effectively to take the place of soap or a shampoo. Rhassoul clay is naturally rich in trace minerals such as boron, zinc, and iron, its negative charge attracts positively charged particles, drawing out built-up product and debris. High in silica and magnesium, rhassoul’s it’s softening properties make it ideal as a conditioner for the skin as well as the hair.

Let’s Wash & Fro!

Created to restore the moisture balance of extremely dry natural hair, Anita’s got two sweet treats for you! Best suited for those with natural Afro hair, Anita offers two unique Rhassoul clay based products which she enhances with other hair nourishing products that make them work even better.

Curl Condition Clay Hair Washes 

This clay is a cleanser and conditioner in one. Rich with all those amazing trace minerals, Anita combines her hair wash with coconut sap, chamomile, and panthenol to strengthen and restore elasticity to the hair. Do I smell chocolate? Yes indeed, fair trade cocoa powder and butter are in there as well.

How to use a cleansing clay

Anita explains how this cleansing with clay technique works:

  1. Break the Curl Conditioning Clay Hair Wash into 4 – 6 small pieces.
  2. Add 25 ml to 30 ml (0.84 oz to 1.01 oz”> of warm water (or liquid of choice”> per piece until you achieve the consistency of pancake batter
  3. Apply the mixture to hair, in sections.
  4. Let it sit on your hair for 10-15 minutes (do not allow it to dry”>
  5. Massage scalp as you thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear from your hair.
  6. Style as usual, done!

Rhassoul Deep Condish 

This is Anita’s signature DT, and is recommended to be used 1-2 times a month. Along with rhassoul clay, she adds murmura butter, Chilean honey and vitamin E for extra deep conditioning, oh yeah, and that beautifully rich cocoa butter and powder too! Along with the hair benefits, the Deep Condish protects the scalp, drawing out toxins and other unimaginable things from deep within your pores and hair shaft, leaving delectably soft, bouncy and light feeling curls.

To apply, the Deep Condish cubes are melted in with heated liquids (coconut milk preferred”>, and are applied similarly as the Curl Condition Clay Wash.

Chinyeloves offers an excellent tutorial and shares her experience when using this the Rhassoul treatment in, her tutorial and reviewabove. She reported that after applying this DT to her 4c hair, it felt extremely soft, released most of the tangles, noticed no residue, rinsed easily, didn’t weigh her hair down, and smelled like chocolate cake!

Here’s another NaturallyCurly review from Suburbanbushbabe:

“I’ve used coconut milk with Anita Grant’s rhassoul cube and it works great. I’m going to do a DT with it mixed with yogurt and maybe coconut oil. What it looks like it does is soften and hydrate the hair incredibly.”

Passion Fruit & Coconut Goodie

Whichever clay hair treatment you choose, passion goes along perfectly with the style of a true naturalista. Anita Grant’s Organic Bergamot Passion Fruit Coconut Pomade [link to:] is the frosting on top of all of it. Passionfruit and Bergamot Oils encourage scalp circulation and deter product build-up, while Coconut oil and beeswax beautifully seal in moisture, polish up those curls, and tame those silly flyaways without any crunch – mmhmm!

Go on have a lookie, cookie.

While you can purchase Anita Grant products globally on her site, Anita Grant. With international shipping rates and whatnot, it may take a little more time and cost a tad more. Below are the stockist sites that offer Anita Grant’s hair care goodies in the USA and the UK, and they’re sooo worth every bite!


United Kingdom

Want to try them out!?

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  • 1 x Rhassoul Deep Condish Cuber (3 x 30g box”>
  • 1 x Vitamin Enriched Omega Concentrated Hair & Scalp Booster Serum 15ml
  • 1 x Petroleum Free Jelly 100g
  • 1 x Monoi de Tahiti Oil 100g
  • 1 x Japanese Camellia Kissi Oil 100ml
  • 1 x Creamy Cafe Latte Unscented 57g
  • 1 x Creamy Cafe Latte Vanilla 57g
  • 1 x Curl Conditioning Single Cream Damage Repair 57g
  • 1 x Organic Bergamot Passion Fruit Coconut Pomade 100g
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