Bumble and Bumble will give five lucky winners a new look and Curl Conscious products especially for them

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Are you looking for a new curly look? Bumble and bumble, which recently relaunched its Curl Conscious line, is offering virtual makeovers from Bumble and bumble Senior Vice President and Artistic Director Howard McLaren and Lead Educator Coby Alcantar.

The results will be posted on NaturallyCurly on December 15. The results will include Howard and Coby’s cutting and styling tips alongside each of the five selected photos. They will describe how they would change each look, the ideal length, the ideal product combinations, styling techniques and recommendations for casual and special occasion hair and more.

Bumble and bumble wants people to embrace the unstraight. Sixty percent of the world has curly hair, and many still live under the tyranny of straighteners, flat irons and blowdryers


Deadline: Entries should be received by November 21

Photo guidelines: Clear headshot that displays the hair in all its curly glory

To get your virtual makeover, email your photo to Bumble and bumble. Five photos selected will receive a customized selection of Curl Conscious products from Bumble and bumble.

bumble and bumble

Be a Model at Bumble and bumble's first Curl Workshop

Bumble and Bumble is looking for models for its Curl Workshops — part of the company's continuing crusade to contribute more curl conscious stylists to the world.

The first workshop will be held November 20th and 21st at Bumble and bumble University in New York.

This advanced, creative workshop applies classic razor and scissor techniques to accentuate the natural curl in long(er) and short(ish) models. And fear not: the amazing stylists have at least two years of professional experience, so waves are (and will remain) in able hands. As always, Bumble and bumble cuts are based on individual suitability — never the cut-of-the-month. Models will leave with a curly style, but cuts can be worn straight, too.

For the first workshop, Bumble and bumble is looking for models with hair that reaches three or more inches past their collarbone (when pulled straight). The cuts at this workshop will be best for soft, bouncy curls to slight, subtle, silky waves. This workshop is not ideal for thick, tightly-wound textures, and ponytail width should be no more than 2.5 inches. Future workshops will address other curly textures.

Model clients do not go through a separate screening process; they are approved for participation at model call. All clients must sign up on at this web site for an invitation to Model Call.

My name is Raquel and I am a representative from the Bumble and bumble. University Model Project. I would like to take a moment to address the concerns expressed in the above comments and further clarify the situation. The second part of this post refers to a new class launched within Bumble and bumble. University. While our products are meant for curls of all shapes and sizes and the stylists at both Bumble and bumble salons are well versed in cutting all hair types and textures, the situation at Bb. University is different. Although all of our students are licensed professionals with at least 2 years experience, they come to Bb. U to learn new cutting techniques. The workshop would be their first time attempting a technique learned in class. As such, we look for models with specific curl textures to ensure a good class environment. Tight spiral curls and thicker textures are too challenging for a student trying the technique for the first time. Our classes are set up this way so that students may grasp the basic techniques here at Bb. U and then go home and continue to practice and work their way up to these more challenging curl textures. Should they attempt the technique on a more challenging texture their first time, the result would be that the student would become frustrated and the model would likely not receive the quality cut that we pride ourselves upon. I hope that this provides a window into our program and policies and clarifies the requirements posted above. If you have any additional questions, you may feel free to email them to

Sha is correct. If I had "soft bouncy curls" or "slight silky waves," I would probably be thrilled and not need the services of Bumble & Bumble or, for that matter. Women who have Julia Roberts or Debra Messing-type hair usually do not have major styling issues. B&B missed the mark on this one.

This Bumble and Bumble campaign is very distasteful and I am dismayed that naturallycurly is promoting it. Anyone can make a curly girl look good with photoshop. This says nothing about what happens in real life with real hair. Further, the real life workshop is limited to women with "soft bouncy curls and slight silky waves." "Thick tightly-wound" hair types need not apply. This is supposed to inspire confidence in products and cuts for curly hair?! Worse than the blatant dishonesty of all of this is the advancement of the inherent negative attitudes toward curly hair, and the sometimes underlying racism that goes along with it. At least we know that the majority of the people on this website shouldn't waste their money on Bumble and Bumble products that won't work for us.

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