I'm sure you have gone through many ups and downs with your curly hair products--when you find one that works you hold on to it and don’t want to let go!

I'm sure you have gone through many ups and downs with your curly hair products--when you find one that works you hold on to it and don’t want to let go! But what happens when you start to see inconsistencies in the results of what once worked?

Don’t fret. Here are three super simple steps to take to find what may be happening with your Holy Grail.

Step 1.

Make sure your hair is as healthy as it can be.

Ask yourself: Have I done a deep condition lately?

Maybe your hair is craving a protein treatment. It will not play as well with products as it can when it’s not properly balanced. If your hair is feeling brittle or straw like when wet, it’s letting you know that it needs moisture. Does your hair feel mushy or stretchy when wet? Then the problem is a lack of protein.

Another big reason products stop working is build-up, either on your scalp or on your strands, which may be an indicator that it is time to clarify. Before you point your finger at your favorite product, make sure these things are in check before shopping for new product.

Step 2.

Weed out the problem product.

So you’ve made sure your hair has a balance of moisture and protein and have tried a clarifying shampoo, but you're still having issues with your routine. Now is the time to start scrutinizing your products. Start by paying attention to your cleanser and conditioner in the shower, as well as how your hair feels after you have applied this combination.

Does your hair feel frizzy or stripped after using your cleanser? It might be too harsh. If your hair feels heavy or limp after your conditioner, the ingredients may be too heavy for your density. When your regimen consists of multiple products, you want to remove one product at a time to determine which product is causing the problem. Examine your next few wash days closely to determine which product is giving your hair problems.

Step 3.

Find your replacement.

Once you have eliminated the product or products that are giving you negative effects, it's time for step 3. Finding a new Holy Grail product is never an easy process, and can be one of the most daunting of the three steps. Though there are no exact methods to replacing an old product, one surefire way to make sure you will not make the same mistake again is to record a list of current products and main ingredients. By doing this you can start to determine what agrees with your hair and what doesn't, then avoid that in your next product.

Oftentimes, an ingredient stops working is because of changes in your environment, such as heat and humidity and its effects on ingredients like glycerin or honey.

Hopefully these quick steps will help make your next product failure a little less stressful.

Have you ever had a product stop working for you? Let us know  in the comments.

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